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How to compress your Evidence of work to less than 5MB and upload onto NTC Portal portfolio

Just before we begin, a lot of people commenting in the group they won’t do it are the same people  requesting for files to upload low key. If you want to do it, just do it, if not ignore.

Some people are  hmmmm. Yesterday and today it has been very difficult to log on to the tpg portal, ask yourself why?…

All about the Portfolio and Files NTC- My Teacher Portfolio Fill with this Documents Deadline 1st December 2022.

Back to Evidence of work

The evidence of work file is Huge can be huge

You are to scan 45 Exercises/assignment  of students you have marked and graded and upload onto the NTC TPG Portal.

During the Process, majority can’t upload the file, as it becomes more than 5 MB.

The maximum file size to upload is 5MB yet the pictures together give about 50MB.

Today happens to be the end of the CPD Cycle.

Our advice to our audience is to at least scan the exercises and upload to get some CPD Points for it.

We know scanning at the photocopier shops will be expensive, hence majority will use their phones.

There are many Apps on the App Store or Play store that allows you to scan directly and convert to pdf.

That PDF file will be large you may not be able to upload.

Here is how to compress it.


Upload the file onto your computer.

select the file on your computer,

Right click on the File

Select open with

Choose another app

Select more Apps 

Choose Microsoft word

Word will now convert your pdf to an editable document ; Select ok

Allow to load

Enable editing when its fully opened or select Save as

select File  and choose save as    not save

Select where to save it; maybe DESKTOP

Provide File Name eg ( Evidence of work seekersnewsgh)

Save as; choose PDF

Just below that select Optimize  standard (Publishing online and Printing )


How to Upload online

Open Your TPG portal

Login by providing your email and password

If you’re using phone, select menu

Click on Portfolio

Select My Teacher  portfolio and click on it

Scroll down to Evidence of work

Under evidence of work

select summary Students Ex …. and click upload.

You must convert all to one file to upload.

We hope this helps

New course for CPD Points, you can do the course on your phone, it’s free

NTC Free CPD Training for all Teachers at the Pre-tertiary level

NTC- My Teacher Portfolio Fill with this Documents Deadline 1st December 2022.

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