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How to get 30/30 in the TM1 KATon ICT Training Exams- Trick You didn’t Know

Many of you are worried because of the examination on the TM1 KATon ICT Training, People are saying it is very  difficult hence your worry.

You can  get 30/30 or a very good marks when you do the following. The pass mark is 15.

If you choose Face to Face training then you might have been taught small by your Facilitator on the Key components.

Some also chose recorded videos or lessons, Since you have your Laptop with you, you watch and practice.

The Examination

After the lesson, you must download, fill and upload the attestation which contains your name, Your Staff ID, your school and Your signature.

The format can be a pdf or a picture.

After uploading, you are ready to take the exams.

Taking the Exams.

The main aim for the exams is to ensure you read something and also ensure you are the one taking the exam yourself.

There are 30 multiple choice questions

The questions are selected randomly from the system hence the one you will write now, might not be the same as that of your friend.

The questions are mostly on general ICT Knowledge, MS-Word, Power points Presentation and Basic internet/ Computer Knowledge.

In answering the 30 questions you have 30 minutes,

If you want to familiarize yourself with the questions, do this,, you might get your 30/30 through this..

Take your time to go through the exams to the end, after the 6th question, an OTP message is sent to your phone number and email used in registration. Use the six digit code to continue, If you attempt wrongly twice, you will restart the exams.

To familiarize yourself, attempt the questions to the end, come back and start from questions 1 without submitting, get to question 6 and 7 and an OTP will be sent again, you can enter correctly now if you are sure of getting your 30/30. Or enter wrongly to restart again.

Note that, when you restart the exams, you will get different set of questions.

submit your work when  you are done.

Finally click on the feedback to provide your details and feedback.

To download the certificate How to Download Your TM1 KAton ICT Training Certificate; Exams questions and Pass Mark-CPD Points


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