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How to get your claims after retirement or Leaving Your Teacher Union ( GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT-GH)

How to get your claims after retirement or Leaving Your Teacher Union ( GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT-GH)

Explore the Most recent and accurate guidelines on How to get your claims after retirement or Leaving Your Teacher Union ( GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT-GH).




Do you want to withdraw your funds from your teacher unions? It can be tedious but if you follow these steps it will be easy.

It has become a very difficult challenge for many teachers who join unions by mistake and want a change.

Sometimes, You may choose one particular union during registration but your Payslip will come with another union showing on it. It’s now common.

In some rare cases, Teachers Payslip automatically shows other unions rather than the ones they have been on and paying dues. Eg A Teacher was on  CCT-GH, and all of a sudden it changed to GNAT then a year time changed to NAGRAT, She had to manually change the union to her preferred one on the portal with this procedure below.

CAGD (GOG) How to Change Association on Epayslip Portal- NEW

On refund

Well, some of these automatic changes may be a thing of the past but in cases where one is deducted mutual funds for a whole year or dues for a whole year without your knowledge/ permission, You should be able to retrieve all those funds back even if not to your account to the current union You belong to.

Here we spoke to some executives to guide people who are victims in these circumstances ..

Seekersnewsgh speaking with Chairman Laud of CCT-GH, He was able to clear the air.

According to him, all union dues are not refundable, they’re for administrative work however the union will give out the Dues with interest as a retirement package to members.

In the case of death, that amount is given to the next of kin together with the Mutual funds.

Members who change associations can retrieve their mutual funds from the previous union by writing to them to retrieve their money.

Dues or Mutual Funds are not transferred to other unions when you leave one union to another.

How to retrieve your funds back.


Full name.

Fund ID.


Staff ID


Withdrawal details.

  • Amount to be withdrawn
  • Reason for withdrawal
  • Multiple deductions
  • Resignation
  • Retirement
  • Refund
  • Other.
  • Banking details.

 Check more here Teacher Unions- CCT fund withdrawal Form Download

Steps to Apply For CCT Loan on Your Phone-Online 

Just like all other mutual funds GNAT Mutual Fund will be given
After death
Or when you leave the service
change Association or even
People in difficult situations

You can apply for your funds when you fall within the above-mentioned categories

However leaving the union is highly discouraged as the majority of members would leave, take their mutual funds, and come back. U-turn.

At any point in time, your mutual Fund is calculated with interest, taking it before your pension or trying to outsmart the system would only lead to you always starting afresh. While your colleagues will be taking huge sums at the end of their service year, you’ll be taking something small.

Your mutual Fund is calculated with interest and it’s given to you at the end of your service, taking it before time, would yield no interest for you.

If you’re financially handicapped you can apply for a percentage of your contribution.

You need to visit the office in person with your current Payslip.

If you joined or were added by mistake, you need to provide a Payslip for the affected months.

Passport photograph.

GNAT Retirement claim online

Use the above method to apply for your retirement benefit online

On retirement from service, members’ contributions under the scheme are refunded in addition to any income earned thereon. The refund of contributions to members upon death or retirement is based upon a member’s proportion of the total contributions of the Fund expressed as the percentage of the current value of the Fund. The Fund is therefore valued periodically and members’ statements reflect their current value.

1. Retirement/exit package

Each member is entitled to an exit package from the Fund on retirement. This package is made up of one’s total contributions and returns or income earned thereon. The exit packages for deceased members are paid to their next of kin.

2. Death and disability scheme (Group Solidarity Package)

Members are eligible for the group solidarity package in the event of death and permanent disability. Upon the death of a member, a package comprising his total contributions together with his accumulated return and an amount of GHC 500.00 is paid to the next of kin. Also, where a member is certified to be permanently incapacitated and unable to teach any longer, he/she is compensated with GHC 500.00. Additionally, the person is paid his total contributions and accumulated returns.

Subject to Review

GNAT Loan Chart and the Types of Loans Available 

Teachers Fund New Contribution Increment Portal 


Members can apply by picking up a  form from the nearest Regional Secretariat. Fill out the forms carefully and return them to the Regional Secretariat.

Attach the Payslip reflecting the date affected considering you were on for a few months.

NAGRAT Retirement Benefits

The NAGRAT retirement benefit is a one-time payment to memebers after they retire form active service. The ammount is aproximately three times the gross monthly salary of the entry point of the graduate professional teacher.

The NAGRAT Death Benefit is a one-time payment made to a beneficiary or next of Kin when a NAGRAT member dies. It is also called a survivor benefit. The paid benefit is approximately three times the gross monthly salary of the entry point of the professional graduate teacher.

Note also that;

NAGRAT Members are encouraged to apply for retirement benefits as soon as they retire from active service, but when the application is held after six (6) months the benefits will not be given.

Download an application form from their online portal or pick it up from the nearest Regional Secretariat. Fill out the forms carefully and return them to the Regional Secretariat. Attach payslip reflecting the date of retirement (required).

NAGRAT Loan Application Process and Online NAGRAT FUND Portal Login

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