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How to take care of your Electronic Gadgets and Accessories; Dos and Don’t

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How to take care of your Electronic Gadgets and Accessories; Dos and Don’t

Electronic Gadgets are so expensive today that you don’t want yours to be damaged.

There are simple Mistakes we commit, which render our electronic gadgets useless in no time.

You may be feeling Comfortable with your phone, Laptop, or Tablet, but you won’t be thinking about the cost of repairing it should it get damaged or replaced.

Here are simple Dos and Don’ts when handling your Mobile Phone, Tablet, or Electronic gadgets and Accessories.

All Companies also have the same policy to protect their Gadget when it comes to handling them.

The electronic gadgets and their accessories may be your property or maybe for a company, you are responsible for taking care of it.


Keep the devices away from children, Try if you are a parent.  Mostly it’s difficult because by the time you realize they are already with it. Some Companies may fire you, use or deduct from your salary when their device is destroyed without excuse. Try to consciously Keep the devices away from children.

Do not expose the device to any liquid substance eg Water, cooking oil, petrol, and kerosene.

If any liquid enters your phone, Tablet, or Laptop, stop using it immediately, turn it off, remove all cables connected to it, and attempt to dry it first. make sure it’s drained of all liquids before you start using it.

Do not place your Device on the Floor to avoid stepping on it. Most of us charge our devices by putting them on the floor, You can easily step on them when it’s on the floor. Always place it above ground.

Do not place your Phone, Tablet, or computer on a bed to avoid lying on it. Most people commit this mistake.

Do not place your device on a chair to avoid sitting on it.

Do not place heavy objects on your device to avoid breaking it.

Do not expose your device to excessive heat above 39 degrees Celsius.

Do not throw, or slide your phone, tablet, or computer when putting it down.

Know that using your electronic devices where there are inflammable or explosives can make them catch fire. eg Around Gas stations, Fuel pumps, or chemical Plants.

During a thunderstorm, put off your electronic devices and disconnect the Charger from the socket if charging to prevent it from getting damaged.

Protect your device.



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