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IAA to Chase Public Sector Workers over  Allowance

IAA to Chase Public Sector Workers over  Allowance

The Internal Audit Agency has assured that it will pursue public sector workers using state vehicles for unofficial duties while the government is made to pay for maintenance.

This is part of the overall payroll monitoring exercise which seeks to downsize the payroll system.

Director General of the Internal Audit Agency, Eric Oduro Osae, said there are categories of ghost workers using state vehicles and thereby collecting money for maintenance and other expenses.

The agency has also warned that it will apply the law to the latter to ensure that person’s earning salaries and allowances in the public sector for no work done are dealt with.

“Some people have turned themselves into vehicle contractors and go around assigning vehicles to non-existence workers, so they could go for car maintenance allowance for themselves”.

“Let me sound a warning to you that if you know you’re in such group of people then better advise yourself because sections of the criminal law gives us the authority to prosecute you”, he warned.

He therefore assured that the agency will be instrumental in the assignment to make it a success.

The National Payroll Monitoring Programme by the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission has begun with the Internal Audit Agency to ensure equity in salary payment for public sector workers as well as cleaning the payroll.

According to the commission, there has been a lot of ghosts’ names on the payroll and some non-efficient staff that must also be taken off the system.

According to the Executive Secretary of the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission, Ben Arthur, sanctions will be applied to persons found earning undeserved salaries.





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