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I’m selling my virginity for Ghc5000 –3rd year Legon Student; Here is why

Virginity happens to be one unique treasurer women possess and give to their future husbands as gift after Marriage, But today it seems valueless and majority don’t possess.

We came across some men who don’t wish to marry virgins because they feel they are ignorant on so many things and when they are cut loose they will do the unthinkable.

When it come to sales of Virginity, there are so many who sold theirs to the highest bidders.

Model, 18, who was selling her VIRGINITY to the highest bidder, sold it for £2m to a randy businessman from Hong Kong. For a night.

A beautiful Ghanaian Lady who is a third year students at the University of Ghana, Legon , has made her intentions public, she is selling her virginity for Ghc 5,000 for a month.

Slay queen image credit GHPAGE

She said she is ready to cut loose.

‘Disrespectful’ French Prez Emmanuel Macron accused of wearing sneakers at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

She wrote

”I’ve not done even the slightest wrong thing at the age of 22. I’ve been studying and  helping out my family all these years.

Never attended crazy parties, never got kissed, so definitely still a virgin. Never taken alcohol, I dress decently and and it’s not because you may think am not pretty.

I won 2 beauty pageants, one in JHS and the other in High School. I am chocolate in complexion, have a round face with dimples, have a full chest, I wear a bra size 42 and a round buttocks.

The thing is, I want to let loose. I’m in my third year in Legon and although I’ve been hit on by several guys. I never felt prepared enough. Now I need a Man,  I’m just about 5ft tall so I need a guy about 6ft, fair and muscular.

Please be in Accra and I’ll meet you wherever. I’m selling my virginity for 5,000gh and I’llbe yours for a whole month. I’ll be reading the comments section for a possible guy.”

This seems so cheap if you are selling hen you need to sell it at a better price, Your colleagues are selling theirs in millions for just a night and you are here selling at 5k for a month said a commenter.

People are also not happy with her arrangement and have ask God to have mercy on Her.


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credit; Ghpage.com



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