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Labour Union Moves Base pay Negotiations to 65%

Labour Union Moves Base Pay Negotiations to 65%

The negotiations between the government and Organised Labour over a proposed 60 per cent increase in the base pay of public sector workers have for the fourth time ended in a stalemate.

Organised labour was demanding a 60 per cent increase in the base pay on the single spine salary structure to compensate for the current harsh economic conditions.

Even though the government on Wednesday tabled an 18% increment after the union earlier rejected a 15% increment, Dr Isaac Bampoe Addo, the Executive Secretary for the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) said they are unwavering on their demand.

In an interview on Citi News, he said, “Government progressed to 18%. We also progressed to 65% and the government say they are going to consult. We also said we are going to meet our constituents, and we will also give them our feedback.”

“We are not being unfair. As you are aware, the budget has been read and there is an indication of a VAT increment of 2.5%. And then also, it has been indicated that the tax brackets are going to change. So this is fresh information that we’ve brought to the table. That’s why we want 65% now.

These will add up to our burden, that’s why we are demanding more.”

The question posed is, have the Unions considered the ability to pay? But the Unions are not pleased to hear that argument, they said, that if the government want to pay a certain bracket of people they readily make the money available why can’t they do the same for workers?

Workers also deserve the same treatment.

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