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Ministry of Education has been Fined for refusing to give out info under RTI to Eduwatch Under CSSPs- SHS Placement

Ministry of Education has been Fined for refusing to give out info under RTI to Eduwatch Under CSSPs- SHS Placement

The right to information commission has fined the Ministry of Education Ghc 50, 000 for refusing to give out information on SHS placement to Eduwatch in June 2022 According to Kofi Asare.

The commission has subsequently ordered the Ministry to immediately provide the information to Eduwatch in line with the RTI law.

The Ministry had previously refused Eduwatch information on the Teacher Laptop deal and the controversial calculator contract.

There has been some expose’ with the SHS placement, with some individuals caught on camera taking bribes and giving schools to underserved candidates leaving behind those who qualified.

The School Placement Fraud Expose

Monies quoted as far as the exposed revealed were in the GHC 20, 000 s.

Interested stakeholders started to demand answers and called for a more transparent placement system than the ones done in dark rooms.

According to the Ministry of Education, the system is transparent and it’s not rigid system.

MOE Discloses Why Some Students were not Placed into any SHS and Had to do Self Placement.

After automatic placement, those with issues are made to see the regional Education offices or the Designated offices to address the issues. Call centers have also been established to address concerns.

All SHS Schools online Admission Portal You can Download Prospectus and Contact You can call

SHS Placement for 2023/24 Academic Year CSSP Site Live-MOE/GES. Here are the call center numbers

In recent times too, Eduwatch on its social media handles with other stakeholders is demanding that the Ministry of Education / Ghana Education Service releases an official prospectus for schools as some schools’ prospectus seem bloated putting pressure on parents.

Check Official Prospectus as GES Reacts and Send Caution to Over bloated Prospectus by schools to SHS One Student

Source. Kofi Asare of Eduwatch.


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