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MOE Discloses why Some Students were not Placed into any SHS and Had to do Self Placement.

MOE discloses why Some Students were not Placed into any SHS and Had to do Self Placement.

The parent Seems not to understand why a Ward with an Aggregate of 25 gets the First Choice and another with 10 Doesn’t even get placed and would have to do self Placement.

The MOE we believe had to answer these questions more than 100 times and hence needed to disclose the rationale or Reason behind such a move.

According to the Ministry of Education GH (MOE) 30% of the quota in Category, A school is reserved for candidates from public schools.

The Ministry of Education has revealed that 30% of all placements in Category A schools have been reserved for candidates who attended public schools, a move meant to bring about equity in the placement of candidates in schools across the country.

The disclosure comes in the wake of complaints from some parents and students about the self-placement of over 15,000 students who are yet to be placed in any senior high school.

Mr. Ernest Akosah, the Deputy Public Relations Officer at the Ministry noted that learning facilities in public schools were not adequate, as compared to those in private institutions.

“We have what we call 30% equity quota that we give to those who attended public schools because, if you look at the infrastructure and logistics in the government schools, we try to also create that enabling environment so that they can also have the opportunity to taste what is happening at Legon Presec, Achimota SHS.

As to whether the students are placed based on their school selection or grades, he said, “We look at the aggregate, raw score, and available vacancies, adding that some students choose Category B schools out of fear that they may not get into any Category A schools.

Out of a total number of 547,324 candidates who participated in this year’s BECE exam, 539,399 have qualified for placement in their preferred choices; 372,780 were automatically placed, while 165,601 were not, requiring them to go in for self-placement.

How to do Self Placement  and New Call Centre Number   

030 825 8001




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Mercy coffie
Mercy coffie
February 18, 2023 12:26 am

I had 21 and now it change to 36
Now am supposed to do self placement
Pls help me

Last edited 1 year ago by Mercy coffie
Manual luqman
Manual luqman
February 18, 2023 10:31 am
Reply to  Mercy coffie


February 17, 2023 6:39 am

And to the extent that out of the six selected schools the person was placed in any of them.

Florandy Oparebea Ayeh
Florandy Oparebea Ayeh
February 17, 2023 6:35 am

My ward attended a public school, had aggregate 28 but was not placed in any school. May l know why?

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