Teacher Professional Development


The National Teaching Council (NTC) in collaboration with Commonwealth of Learning, is organizing training for teachers, educational leaders and teacher educators.

The duration is said to be four month.

The project is part of col.ITTLA model that works with government agencies towards improved nationals effectiveness in leveraging open, distance and technology enabled learning.

The project aimed to strengthen knowledge and skills in digital teaching and learning among educators and Teachers.

Fill this form to Get Your NTC CPD Points Read before You Fill

NTC Online Course for CPD Point- District Directors of Education

The participants will be awarded 10 CPD points and shall also build their capacity in online system teaching and learning.

Certificate will also be awarded from NTC and Col.

FREE NTC Course For 15 CPD Points and Take that of the 16 points too

NTC Free Training for CPD points-Register Fast


must be a professional teacher

Have a laptop or smart phone

Must be able to meet deadlines

Be willing to perform use own data to access information from the internet and must be available to learn with peers via WhatsApp and Learning Management platforms and applying what is to be learnt.

How to register

click the link

  1. ntc.gov.gh/public/blog/show/35c3c927-4aac-4faa-8508-b510a474

Most of the courses are on hold will update it with the current link soon do come back.

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