NEW: Check Reintroduction of Road Tolls Amendment Fees and Charges for all vehicles

Reintroduction of Road Tolls Amendment of the fees and charges (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2022 (Act 1080).

Reference is made to paragraph 462 of the 2023 budget statement and economic policy of the government on the reintroduction of road tolls. Reference is also made to section 6 of the Fees and charges miscellaneous Provisions ) Act, 2022 ( Act 1080 )

It is provided under section 6 of Act 1080 for the minister to amend the schedules of the act to include or exclude MDAs and/ or adjust the fees and charges collected by MDAs for their services through a legislative instrument when necessary.

Accordingly, this ministry has initiated steps to provide foundational rates for tooling of roads and highways as part of the amendments of the arts pending completion of the process to identify the roads and highways to be affected by the reintroduction of the road to a stated in the budget

We are by this letter conveying the proposed rate as per the attached appendix 1 for input by the ministry of roads and highways to enable this ministry to complete the schedule of fees under the impending legislative instrument.

Proposed Road and Bridge Tolls.

Approved / Proposed in GHc

Motorbikes  Approved GHc 0.1   Proposed GHc   0.5.

Car Approved GHc  0.5  Proposed GHc 1.00

Pick_Ups / 4X4 vehicles Approved GHc 1.00.   Proposed GHc 1.50

Light Buses  Approved GHc 1.0.    Proposed GHc 1.50

Mummy Wagon  Approved GHc 1.0  Proposed GHc 1.50

Heavy Buses  Approved GHc 1.50.   Proposed GHC  2.00

Light Goods Trucks ( 2 axles )  Approved GHc 1.50    Proposed GHc 2.00

Medium Goods Trucks ( 3 axles ) Approved GHc 2.00  Proposed GHc 3.00

Heavy goods Trucks ( 4 axles )  Approved GHc  2 .00    Proposed GHc  3.00.

Heavy Goods Trucks ( 5 or more axles) Approved GHc 2.50   Proposed GHc 3.50.

Agriculture Tractor Approved GHc 0.5.    Proposed GHc 1.00

Agriculture Tractor with Trailer.   Approved GHc 0.50. Proposed GHc 1.00.



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