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New Directive from Controller (CAGD) on E-payslip Re-activation and letter Sample

The Controller and Accountant’s General Department from last year upgraded it’s e-payslip portal. This Portal upgrade brought series of challenges government workers are still dealing with.

After the upgrade many teachers could not login to their portal. Those who could login even had to login with their previous passwords before changing it and many other issues.

How to Generate Mandate Form / a mandate Number and pin



There has been series of cyber security issues in recent times hence the need to tighten security.

The portal has also been upgraded with new features.


Formally with some minor issues like login issues, controller offices within the district are there to help without a letter.


NEW- How to reactivate your e-payslip account

How to reactivate your e-payslip account. New directive from controller is to write a letter to controller with a cover letter from your head. Without the Cover letter, you will not be assisted. It is a New Directive and its strictly enforced.


How to write the letter.

If your account thus e-payslip  portal can’t be accessed, here is what to do

First try forgot password

If still you can not access it, speak to the Head of payslip at the Controller’s office in your district to tell you what to do.

If the account can’t be accessed one of the ways is the deletion of the account.

To Delete ones’ account for reactivation, you need to write a letter to the controller’s office requesting for account deletion. The account must be accompanied by the head’s cover letter. Without the head’s cover letter, you won’t be assisted.


The letter sample


Seekersnews Senior High School,

                                                                  P.O. Box 112

Cape Coast.

8th March, 2022.

Head of Payslip,

The Controller and Accountant- General’s Department,

P.O. Box M79,


Dear Sir/Madam,


I humbly request for the deletion of my e-payslip account for re- registration. This has become necessary as I am unable to login to my account or retrieve my account after the recent upgrade of the e-payslip portal..

Feedback obtained during login: invalid user name or password

Feedback obtained during forget password: unknown Payslip account

Full name:

Staff ID: 000000

Management Unit:



I Will be pleased with your assistance.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully

(mobile number)

You can also go straight to the HQ for immediate assistance.

Why you need your Epayslip Portal

To print your payslip

Check your details in the Controller’s system

To change your Unions

Identify and cancel Wrongful Deductions

help you generate a mandate form

To To Check your affordability and many more





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