Are you planning on travelling to the UAE? Then you must read this carefully

New labour Law in UAE, more Favourable Conditions For Migrant Workers.

The United Arab emirates has revised its laws on labour especially when it comes to migrant workers.

New Labour Law

The new labour law;  Federal law number 33 of 2021.

It will take effect on February next year 2022. This Federal law number 33 also has 33 pages. So many changes in the article, there is a new article.

One must get a copy of the new and old one for reading and comparison . What  has been  noticed for now is there  is only one type of labour contract.

The  only one type of labour law which is limited contract only. No more unlimited contract and its valid for three(3) years and it could be renewed for the same period or less.

Clear changes

The employer has no right to charge you or deduct from you any visa cost

He has no right to keep your official documents like passport or emirates ID.

And one more thing which is very clear now the employer cannot force you to go back to your home country.


And regarding the gratuity or end of service it will be 21 days of your basic salary for the first  five years

And for more than five  years it will be  30 days of your basic salary.

All court stages fees will be free of charge if the case or the request has been  filed by the employee. If the case  doesn’t exceed 100k Dhs.

There is really a lot of things changed regarding  vacation, leave or sick leave, part time flexible work. so many things new.

Who does the law affect

The law will apply to all employers and employees in private sector starting from February 2022.


One other important information reaching us is that the united Arab Emirate will move its weekend to Saturday and Sunday effective 1 January, 2022, according to the country’s  media office, Bloomberg News report.

Friday working hours will be from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Currently the weekend is Friday and Saturday in the UAE and the rest of the Gulf.


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