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New NTC- Instill Course for FREE CPD Points and Certificate online; Target 30, 000 Public and Private School Teachers

The National Teaching Council in partnership with Instill Education is offering Ghanaian teachers an online self learning programme to earn CPD points by completing two modules of their choice on the Upskill@Instill platform!

The modules for head teachers are focused on School Improvement Planning, Classroom Observation of Teachers, and Improving School-Wide Routines for headteachers.

The modules for teachers are focused on Classroom Management, Learner Engagement, Universal Design for Learning, and Curriculum Planning. Please choose the two modules that you want to complete in the programme below.
New Module released on Upskill: Universal Design For learning and Differentiation -FREE ONLINE
Please note, the following:Programme Duration: 1st August – 30 September 2022


This course provides you with the CPD points,
seekersnewsgh.com which had a direct message from the portal may have shared the course to some of you already.
If you have done the Course already, there is no need doing it again,
If you have not,  it’s probably because you are not in our group for the latest update on the courses. Join now


There are many courses on the instill portal, choose only the above mentioned ones to do for the CPD Points.
If You have already done the course, instill/ NTC will award you your points after the course has ended.
The course targets 30, 000 Teachers in Ghana share to reach all.
If you are new Read this 



Biographical Information (2 mins), First Name, Full Name .

Please type your name as you want it to appear on module certificates

I am a licensed teacher *

If licensed, provide your license number and if not licensed, provide your SSNIT numberWhat is your gender? *Female Male

What type of teacher are you? * Administrative Staff , Classroom Teacher(Choose Headteacher when you are choosing the one for heads and Classroom teacher for the Other, Make sure the information you provide is accurate,

How many years have you been teaching? *
0 – 3 years
4 – 6 years
7 – 10 years
11 – 15 years

More than 15 years

What grade level do you teach? *
Primary School
Junior High School
Senior High School

What type of school do you teach in? *Public, Private

What region do you teach in? *
What type of area is your school in? *
Peri-Urban Area
Rural Area
Urban Area


WhatsApp Number *
Please include the country code (+233)

Do you want to receive messages from Upskill about the NTC / Upskill programme, how to use the platform, and be able to get help if needed? *Yes, No

Do you want to be put in a WhatsApp group

Module Selection

There are 20 modules that you can choose from as part of the programme.

You will have four weeks to complete the first module, and an additional four weeks to complete the second module.

The modules available for the training are below in the next two sections. Please select ONE module that you would like to complete in the first four weeks of the training, and ONE module that you would like to complete in the second half of the training.

Select the ONE module you would like to complete for Round 1 of the programme. *
Round 1 will last for the first four weeks of the study.

Select the ONE module you would like to complete for Round 2 of the programme. *
Round 1 will last for the first four weeks of the pilot.

There is no need to do it again if you have done it already.  choose only the two courses above for the CPD points.

How the NTC/Instill CPD Points will be Awarded and What to do.



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