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No CPD For Some Participants and some are Considered for the Instill NTC CPD Points

Email sent to Participants suggest, some participants did not follow the instructions given by instill.

Participants provided Wrong License Numbers and did not also do the courses they selected.

Instill has been able to provide a complete Data for NTC to give the CPD Points for such participants. All those who did courses which were not on the lisFull List|| NTC Approved Free Courses on Upskill/Instill Online- on Mobile Phone

Here is the full mail sent to participants

You’re by this email being informed that the Instill Education Team is working hard to ensure that everyone who successfully participated and completed the Self-Learning Programme is awarded their CPD Points in the shortest possible time.

We have however been bedeviled by 2 main huddles:

• Some participants provided wrong license numbers during the registration process and that is being reconciled in the database. Others have also delayed in providing the correct license numbers to the Instill Team.

Some participants selected modules outside what they registered for, while others selected modules outside the list of 20 modules published for selection.


• The Instill Team has greatly considered these circumstances and reconciled the data in order to ensure that participants who did not study modules registered for but studied 2 modules within the list of 20 modules are awarded CPD points if they have successfully completed these modules.

• We are sorry to inform you that any participants who selected and completed 2 modules outside the list of 20 modules will not be awarded CPD points by the NTC.

Please note that as communicated before, the first batch of reconciled data has been shared with NTC for which the process for the award of CPD points is in progress.

Kindly exercise patience with the Instill Team and be rest assured that all successful participants will be duly awarded CPD points in the shortest possible time.


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