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NSMQ 22 LIVE UPDATES Ashanti and Volta Regional Qualifiers

Today 16th May, 2022 we bring you live updates from the Ashanti Region schools and Volta Region Schools join us for fun discussions and support of our schools. Don’t miss the fun. no SCAMMERS and Lottery squad. We also teach simple science lessons to entertain our students whilst they learn.

2022 NSMQ Live Updates Eastern Region and Northern Region Summary

NSMQ 2022 Regional Qualifiers Central Region Live updates


Ashanti Region -Contest 1

  • End of Contest
  • Toase SHS: 41pts
  • Islamic SHS, Kumasi: 28pts
  • Jachie Pramso SHS: 21pts
  • Ejisu SHTS: 20pts
  • Konadu Yiadom SHS: 04pts
  • Toase SHS qualify to the National Championship! Kudos to the team!

Ashanti Region -Contest 2

  • End of Contest
  • Kumasi High School: 48pts
  • Osei Kyeretwie SHS: 44pts
  • Sekyedumase SHTS: 30pts
  • Ofoase SHS: 21pts
  • Manso Adubia SHS: 08pts

Ashanti Region -Contest 3

  • End of Contest
  • Al-Azhariya SHS: 30pts
  • Dompoase SHS: 29pts
  • Ejisuman SHS: 14pts
  • Owerriman SHS: 12pts
  • ABSOLUTE SCENES HERE! Al-Azhariya SHS qualify for the first time in their history with a point margin

Ashanti Region -Contest 4

  • End of Contest
  • Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ SHS: 39pts
  • Dadease Agric SHS: 29pts
  • Mansoman SHS: 27pts
  • Asare Bediako SHS: 25pts
  • St. Jerome SHS: 21pts
  • Congratulations to Yaa Asantewaa Girls’ SHS.

Ashanti Region -Contest 5

  • End of Contest
  • Afua Kobi Ampem Girls’ SHS: 33pts
  • Obuasi SHTS: 28pts
  • Agric Nzema SHS: 25pts
  • Bonwire SHTS: 11pts
  • Afua Kobi! The girls complete the comeback by picking the last riddle

Ashanti Region -Contest 6

  • End of Contest
  • Amaniampong SHS: 35pts
  • Kumasi Girls’ SHS: 31pts
  • Juaben SHS: 27pts
  • Mpasatia SHS: 20pts
  • Akrofuom SHTS: 10pts
  • Kudos to Amaniampong SHS

Ashanti Region -Contest 7

Ashanti Region -Contest 1

  • End of Contest
  • Osei Tutu SHS: 50pts
  • Mankranso SHS: 47pts
  • Adventist Girls’ SHS: 30pts
  • Ejuraman SHS: 15pts
  • Mabang SHTS: 13pts
  • Osei Tutu SHS are heading to the National Championship

Ashanti Region – Contest 8

  • End of Contest
  • St. Hubert Sem. SHS: 50pts
  • St. Joseph Sem. SHS: 27pts
  • Christ the King SHS: 10pts
  • Collins SHS: 03pts
  • St. Hubert SHS grab the first slot of the day

Ashanti Region – Contest 9

  • End of Contest
  • St. Mary’s Girls’ SHS, Konongo: 47pts
  • Akomadan SHS: 20pts
  • Uthmaniya SHS: 15pts
  • Jacobu SHTS: 12pts
  • Congratulations to St. Mary’s Girls’ SHS, Konongo

Ashanti Region- Contest 10

  • End of Contest
  • Kumasi Sec. Tech. School: 60pts
  • New Edubiase SHS: 18pts
  • Beposo SHS: 12pts
  • Bodwesango SHS: 06pts
  • KSTS showed their dominance clearly in this contest!

Ashanti Region- Contest 11

  • End of Contest
  • Adu Gyamfi SHS: 46pts
  • SDA SHS, Bekwai: 42pts
  • St. Monica’s SHS: 42pts
  • Okomfo Anokye SHS: 21pts
  • Achina SHS: 14pts
  • Adu Gyamfi SHS comes out on top! They are en route to the National Championship





Volta Region – Contest 1

  • End of Contest
  • Awudome SHS: 52pts
  • Adaklu SHS: 29pts
  • Kpedze SHS: 20pts
  • Agotime SHS: 14pts
  • Abutia SHTS: 13pts

Volta Region – Contest 2

  • End of Contest
  • Anlo SHS: 56pts
  • St. Kizito SHTS: 16pts
  • Avatime SHS: 12pts
  • Jim Bourton Mem. Agric SHS: 07pts
  • Congratulations to ANSECO for qualifying to the National Championship

Volta Region – Contest 3

  • End of Contest
  • Abor SHS: 43pts
  • Ve SHS: 16pts
  • Peki SHS: 13pts
  • Dabala SHS: 12pts
  • Klikor SHTS: 05pts
  • Abor SHS is headed to the National Championship

Volta Region – Contest 4

  • End of Contest
  • Zion College: 34pts
  • Hohoe E. P. SHS: 32pts
  • Wovenu SHTS: 12pts
  • Leklebi SHS: 09pts
  • Volta Region – Contest 5

End of Contest

  • Bishop Herman College: 73pts
  • Mafi-Kumase SHS: 16pts
  • Anlo-Awoamefia SHS: 01pt
  • Ave SHS: -1
  • Congratulations to BIHECO for qualifying with such a dominant display

Volta Region – Contest 6

  • End of Contest
  • EPC Mawuko Girls’ SHS: 28pts
  • Keta Business College: 17pts
  • Avenor SHS: 12pts
  • Aveyime-Battor SHTS: 12pts
  • See you at the National Championship, EPC Mawuko Girls’ SHS

Volta Region – Contest 7

End of Contest

  • Akatsi SHTS: 43pts
  • Anfoega SHS: 16pts
  • Adidome SHS: 15pts
  • Anlo-Afiadenyigba SHS: 0
  • Get in!!! Akatsi SHTS is headed to the National Championship

Volta Region – Contest 8

  • End of Contest
  • St. Paul’s SHS: 47pts
  • Some SHS: 24pts
  • Dorfor SHS: 16pts
  • Akome SHTS: 16pts
  • St. Paul’s SHS have secured their qualification to the National Championship

Volta Region – Contest 9

  • End of Contest
  • Mawuli School: 48pts
  • Tsito SHTS: 25pts
  • Sokode SHTS: 24pts
  • Vakpo SHS: 18pts
  • Weta SHTS: 08pts
  • Well done Mawuli School for qualifying to the National Championship

Volta Region – Contest 10

  • End of Contest
  • Kpando SHS: 42pts
  • Dzodze-Penyi SHS: 24pts
  • Three-Town SHS: 24pts
  • Atiavi SHTS: 13pts
  • Congratulations to Kpando SHS for progressing to the National Championship







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