Teacher Professional Development

NTC Course For CPD Points; University of Cape Coast

Table of Contents

Institute for Educational Planning and Administration (IEPA)
Sensitization on Education Policies
The training will be on the following topics

NTC Mandate
Continuous Professional Development
Ghana Teacher Prize

UCC Auditorium 900

University of Cape Coast, CAPE COAST METROPOLITAN

Attendance limit
Participation fee
GHS 75.00
Target geography
Teacher types
Private, Unemployed, Public, Newly Qualified NSS
Teacher ranks
Newly Qualified / Service Personnel, Principal Superintendent / Rank 3, Director I / Rank 8, Superintendent II, Senior Superintendent I / Rank 2, Assistant Director 1 / Rank 5, Superintendent I, Director II / Rank 7, Senior Superintendent II / Rank 1, Assistant Director 2 / Rank 4, Deputy Director / Rank 6
Target audience
Teacher in administration, Teacher in classroom
Teaching methods
Demonstrations, Lectures, Participatory, Tutorials, Discussion groups, Hands on

Instruction: In each of the following items, there are options A-D. Participants are to sit in groups of 1-5 people in a group so that each group will discuss the questions, choose an answer and CIRCLE the letter that corresponds to the answer the group has chosen


1. In-service teachers are required to do which of the following in order to get qualified teacher status?

a) Attend CPD activities

b) Develop portfolio

c) Induction

d) Write licensure examination


2. The part three of the Education Regulatory Bodies Act, 2020 (Act 1023) empowers the —– to regulate teaching profession in Ghana.


b) NTS

c) NTC


3. Which one of the following bodies may NTC consult to help ‘conduct examination for the licensing of persons who successfully complete teacher education programmes’?


b) NCA

c) NTS

d) TEI


4. The Step 6 of the professionalization process of NTS is ……..

a) Full License

b) Initial Licensing

c) License Renewals

d) Registration


5. NTC is an agency under which of the following?

a) GES


c) MOE

d) TEI


6. Which of the following is not associated with NTS?

a) Act 778

b) Act 1023

c) Act 2020

d) Act 2021

7. The following functions help NTC to regulate pre-service teachers except ………

a) Accredit, teacher education programmes, in collaboration with other relevant agencies.

b) Develop curriculum framework for teacher education institutions.

c) Develop professional development frameworks.

d) Develop and review pre-service standards to inform teacher education in colleges and universities.


8. Which year was the Act 778 used to established NTC?

a) 2008

b) 2009

c) 2010

d) 2019


9. The current perspective of NTS for teacher development include the following except….

a) Accreditation of Teacher Education

b) Induction & Mentoring

c) School Leadership

d) Teacher Prize


10. The following are mandates of NTC except ………………..

a) Develop and promote continuing professional education in the teaching profession.

b) Efficient and effective administration and accreditation of tertiary education institutions.

c) Establish standards for teacher education.

d) Exercise disciplinary powers over teachers.


Learning objectives
By the end of the training, participants will be familiar with some education policies concerning the NTC

Maximum credits allocation
The maximum CPD points that can be given to teachers for this course. Actual points depends on the teachers performance at the program

Modalities for 2023 NTC GTLE and CPD Points Building a new Review

NTC Registration and Licensing of In-Service Teachers

How to compress your Evidence of work to less than 5MB and upload onto NTC Portal portfolio



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