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Public Sector Workers; CAGD Fake App You Should Stay Away from

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Public Sector Workers; CAGD Fake App You Should Stay Away from


Seekersnewsgh has over the past few months observed an E-payslip App circulating on its platforms.

Naturally, we just delete the App from our groups without queries. Open repeated Uploads of such Apps in our Groups, we decided to trace the source of the App.

Even though it seems to be just one person on our page uploading such an App, upon further trace we could find the App on the Google Play store.  With the name CAGD E-PAYSLIPS by stePro Multimedia.

The App is About 9.9 MB and it has no data safety information available.

It has about 61 reviews

On 28th May 2022, a user by the Name of Theresa Sefa made a review about the App. And she wrote

I can’t download the App. 2. I want to generate a mandate number but I keep getting feedback that I don’t have a mandate form for May 2022 when using the Google browser.


Another reviewer Samuel Otu Gyan

Can’t Load the app, it keeps taking me back to an unresponsive page on the Google Play store

Mawulorm Titiati

I’m unable to open the App since it keeps redirecting me back to the play store

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Seekersnewsgh speaking with the Controller and Accountant General Departments Office to enquire about the App, revealed the following.

According to the Officer seekersnewsgh Spoke with, there is no such App from CAGD.

We also asked if they are aware the App is found on the Google Play store and what they are doing to remove or report such an App.

According to the Officer, the App is not coming from their office and they will duly communicate to the public when it becomes necessary.

Our advice to the workforce ( Public Sector workers ) is to move away from such an App.

To use the E-portal

Open your browser

type in the payslip portal

And select the Link to the site.

To Generate a Mandate Form Use this Procedure 

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