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Quick Update on the TM1 Laptop Sharing- Distribution Center

It has come to our notice the TM1 laptop team distributing the Laptops are to move to the various schools to do the distributions.

This comes as the team coordinated with the GES offices to share the Laptops at the various centers  thus Metro offices.

Sharing at the centers came with some challenges they did not anticipate.

Huge numbers of teachers at the centers resulting from Teachers not obeying the time table given.

Don’t waste your time going to the center, they would come to your school.


Distributions in schools

Earlier, in other schools the Laptops were sent to the schools for distribution, Teachers in Cape Coast did not understand why they have to  queue for long hours at a particular center to collect their laptop whiles they still have classes to attend.

Speaking with some teachers, Its a relieve they are going to receive their laptops in their schools rather than going to the centers for it.  Schools are writing exams and they can not leave the students in the schools and be at the centers for hours.

Even when they rush to the centers, the place is choked  and they have to spend about 4hrs to 5hrs at the center.


Fault Identification and Replacement. has been following the distribution process in cape coast keenly.

Some issues we came across includes Teachers whose Laptops screen goes off and would not boot again and some with the speakers not working.

On Monday 10th January, 2022. A Teacher whose Laptop would not boot after collecting it on Thursday 6th January, 2022 brought it back to be changed. After the team accessed the laptop, they quickly changed the laptop for him  without hesitation.

This actually debunks the fact that KA Technology does not change Laptops for teachers after leaving the collection room.

Things to look out for

You can only register  for the collection code when they are in your region or district for collection, however, some few teachers in the distribution area can still not register because the system is not allowing them.

If they are in your distribution area kindly dial the code *790*555# to register before you get close. If yours is not working kindly prompt them immediately before it’s too late.


Current Distribution is still at the Senior High Schools, Immediately Distribution is done for the Senior High Schools, the Basic Schools will be next.

You are Reminded that the distribution will be done in schools and not at the Metro office.





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