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Registration Process for the WASSCE (SC) 2024

Registration Process for the WASSCE (SC) 2024

The Council has held briefing sessions nationwide for authorities of 978 schools who are expected to present candidates for the examination. During the briefing sessions, it was emphasised that school authorities should take note of the following during the registration process:

Correct spelling of names and arrangement of names in the right order i.e Surname, First Name and Other Names; eg. YEBOAH DANIEL KWABENA

Confirmation of Date of Birth by candidates before finalisation of the registration process;
Proper capturing of candidates’ photographs showing candidate’s face without sunglasses or spectacles and both ears;

Registration of candidates for the right subjects.

Candidates are urged to ensure that their bio-data is captured correctly as no amendment of date of birth, re-arrangement/addition or subtraction of names will be entertained after the release of final results and printing of certificates.

Registration of Candidates with Special Educational Needs

The Council will make test accommodation arrangements for candidates who cannot be assessed by the standard procedures set out because of disability or special educational needs.

Requests for access arrangements for special needs candidates with accompanying medical reports should be forwarded to the Council.

Inspection of Schools

As part of measures to ensure test security, the Council has carried out inspection of schools that have requested for accreditation to enable them present candidates for the examination.

Some existing schools have also been re-inspected to ensure that they meet the required standards in terms of personnel, infrastructure, equipment and other relevant facilities.

Reports received indicate that some of the schools are not operating as regular schools but have been set up for ‘remedial’ examination purposes, thereby demanding high registration fees from candidates, ostensibly to assist them cheat during the examination.

The Council will take appropriate action against these schools.


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