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Requirements to Apply for the Position of Assistant Headmaster/Headmistress and Salary Grade


Requirements to Apply for the Position of Assistant Headmaster/Headmistress and Salary Grade

The current Advertisement for the Position of Assistant Headmaster/Headmistress opened.

Vacancies exist for the Position of Assistant Headmaster/ Headmistress in some Senior High technical schools in the Central region.

Applications are invited from suitable qualified professional teachers for consideration for Appointment.

Before one can Apply, one must strictly certify the following;

Must be a Graduate professional teacher with at least five years of Teaching Experience in a Second Cycle School, a second degree is an advantage.

Check GES study leave with Pay Programmes and their courses outlines

Study leave without Pay and its effect; GES

Must be on the Grade of an Assistant Director I ADI GES Promotion Examination Past Questions and Answers ) or above and must have been on the grade for a minimum of two years.

Must be able to serve at least four years before he or she retires from the service

Must have held anyone or a combination of the following positions for a minimum of two years

Unit head at Metro/ Municipal /District Education Directorate

Head of Department

Senior House Master/ House Mistress

Guidance and Counselling Coordinator

In addition to the above applicant must have a satisfactory conduct and work history with the Ghana Education Service.  Ghana Education Service -GES latest news Today

Applicant must be ready to accept Appointments and postings to any school within the Region where vacancies may exist for Assistant Head.

Mode of Application

Interested applicants should fill out five copies of the application forms obtainable at the Regional Education office and the various Metro/ Municipal /District Education Directorate

The set of the completed Application forms must be accompanied by confidential and performance appraisal reports by the supervising Head of the applicants.

Certified copies of all relevant certificates and promotion letters

Resume/curriculum vitae.

The completed application form must reach the Regional Education office Cape Coast through the Metro Municipal District Education officers no later than Tuesday 11th April 2023.

Photocopies of field application forms and late submission of application forms will not be accepted

Note; Only Shortlisted  applicants will be invited for an interview

Sign by Justin ivy Apawu Municipal Director of Education KEEA for Regional Director of Education.

Salary Grade

Two Assist may not receive the same salary due to the Steps and Ranks.

What we know is that all portfolios are paid based on a scale.

The rank of ADI, ADII, etc comes with its salary which is different from the responsibility or administrative allowance and can be confirmed on the payslip.

Being the Assistant Head would Grant you the same salary as the Rank and Step.

The Differently added item would be the Administrative allowance on a scale of 1.7 % of your Basic Salary.

Officers in Higher Ranks before getting the Position would earn better than their colleagues in lower Ranks.  Similar Ranks can even give different salaries due to differences in Steps.

Eg . ADI, Level 19L Step 3  Salary is Different from ADI level 19L step 1.

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