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Review PDA and Don’t Tax Allowance of teachers – Head


It’s time COHBS, CHASS and teacher unions review responsibility allowance for beneficiary teachers in GES.

1. Allowances are not to be taxed but by the nature of this allowance, it is embedded in the basic salaries of the beneficiary teachers which makes govt always take income tax from it. So responsibility allowance should be separated from the basic salary on the payslip and not to be embedded in the basic salary.

2. Over the years teachers who enjoy this allowance complain that when a teacher is promoted, the so called responsibility allowance is taken off from their salary which shouldn’t be the case. So there is the need to separate the responsibility allowance from the basic salary.

3. The quantum of the allowance is nothing to write home about. While other sector allowances paid are around Ghc1000 per month, this particular allowance when taxed, gives less than Ghc100.

4. By the nature of the work of heads of Basic schools and SHS which requires that heads could be called upon at anytime to work for GES without recourse to the private schedule of the heads, heads needs to be motivated well. Therefore the need to increase this responsibility allowance.

On this note a proposal of 30% on basic salary will be appropriate as responsibility allowance and must be separated from the basic salary to avoid being taxed.

All basic school heads and other deserving staff of GES who are not on the responsibility allowance should be put on it.


From Concern head.

For the attention of GNAT, NAGRAT, CCT, CHASS, COHBS and other unions.

spread the news, Why are some Heads or staff members not part of the Professional allowance? Hope the message reaches the Union Leaders to do something about it.

This is a message from a concern head and we at thinks it should stand a chance to be reviewed. your number one channel for all educational content, No news is too small, everyone desires to be heard.


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