Risk You shouldn’t Take at Any DVLA Office Nation Wide. Don’t Be Duped

Risk You shouldn’t Take at Any DVLA Office Nation Wide.

2022 DVLA Recruitment in Ghana

DVLA New Drivers License Registration and Renewal

Lack Of Knowledge  my people perish. We are Ghanaians and we happen to trust people so easily.

I went to the DVLA Office to register my Vehicle, immediately  I got to the Security post, The Officer, upon knowing what I was coming to do, quickly made a phone call to Bring a guy to assist me.

The process went through successfully but I later realized the price which I paid was higher than the main charge.

The person took my documents, went from counter to counter and offices to have my car registered. Just when I was about leaving, he gave me his contact to Call If I need any assistance next time.

Last Tuesday 31st May, 2022, I wanted to renew my road worthy certificate, Since I knew the routine, You get there, security calls His favorite person to come and do for you, I said okay, let me Call this same guy.

I called and he said he will do it for me , so I Should do payment. Since I saw him entering every Office at the DVLA Office, retrieving old certificates and stuff the last time , what is there to worry about, but I was some how cautious any way.

I Sent  him scan copies of my documents and made the payment. That was the end.

He stopped picking my calls immediately, then switch Off his phone, never heard from him again.

With the amount I paid earlier and this amount I really feel He shouldn’t dupe me.

I kept calling and still nothing.

So today, 6th June, 2022, I went to the DVLA Office,; as usual, the security man met me asked what I wanted to do, I told Him road worthy, He then took his phone, called someone to come and do it for me.

I was recording everything this time around.

The guy came and I told him actually I am looking for Kennedy, He said Hmm, ” Kennedy has not been here for almost six (6) month, wow what happened?”

I told him I gave  Kennedy money for road worthy certificate since last Tuesday and today 6th June, 2022 he does not pick my calls Again.

So upon talks with them, they said he has done that to a lot of people hence I should just pay for a new one

I  disagreed and  told them I want to speak to the authorities to file my complaint . One of the guys then took me to an office saying

”this is her mother talk to her, for here, he has spoilt here and would not be able to come here again”.

The woman also said Kennedy is not a staff hence I shouldn’t have dealt with him,

I immediately referred her to the routine from the security gate to getting things done at the Office.

She called him, they spoke and then they went ahead to do the road worthy cert for me. The charge on the receipt is Ghc  49.50 and he charged me Ghc 150 of which I paid Ghc 90.

On The wall it is written,

Public Notice

It is an offense to make unauthorized payments to any member of staff or middle men. ; ( But you can’t have access to deal with Staff Directly or even know whether the person you are dealing with is a staff or not )

Clients should pay DVLA charges/ Fees only to the DVLA approved Revenue Collector (Cashier);  ( at the Office only the middle men deal with you)

Clients should demand receipt for every payment made. ; ( some of the receipt are not given )

Pls for complains and Enquires kindly call the numbers……

If DVLA want us to deal with Only their staff then, they Should remove all the middle men on their compound.

If Not, then they can publish names of those the public should deal with and those we shouldn’t deal with.

As they were saying  ( I have recording evidence ) He has taken peoples’ money and has not done their work. He will continue to take people’s money. Am sure there are a lot of people who has become victims.

Risks You shouldn’t Take,

Do not take anyone’s number for next time, they may leave there and you wouldn’t know.

Do not deal with any of the Official on phone, go there directly.

Do not pay monies to anyone even if you know them personally, go to the Office.

DVLA Should also Publish their Charges on the walls for customers to see.


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