See How people are making money on TikTok and other sites; Khaby Lame: World’s Most-Followed TikToker Paid $750K Per Post

In today’s world you can’t sit down with your arms folded saying there are no Jobs.

With Just your smart phone you could make millions of Dollars, all you need to do is to be creative.

YouTube, TikTok, Blogging, are paying huge and Many are making it big there.

It may take time to grow but with determination, you can still make it.

Ask yourself, what work can I do here in my country and earn about $1,000 equivalent in  a month or more?. YouTubers and TikTokers are now earning more than the President.

YouTube videos just needs your phone, TikTok, Just your Phone. You can’t sit there and be Sharing people’s video’s for them. Create some to earn something.

Khaby Lame: World’s Most-Followed TikToker Paid $750K Per Post Aims at Hollywood Movie Role

TikTok celebrity, Khabane “Khaby” Lame is the most-followed personality on the video hosting app

The Senegalese-born Italian has 2.4 billion TikTok likes, earns $750,000 per TikTok post, and is reportedly on track to make $10 million this year.

Lame is now spending hours learning English by watching animated series to achieve a dream of casting in a Hollywood movie.

Senegalese-born Italian, Khabane “Khaby” Lame, is the world’s most-followed TikTok personality who earns $750,000 per TikTok post.

The internet sensation, reportedly on track to make $10 million this year, is determined to add his name to the league of Hollywood movie stars.

Fortune reports that the 22-year-old with 149.5 million TikTok followers spends three hours a day learning English from a Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood-inspired animated series Daniel Tiger.

Lame’s goal is to master English to score roles in major Hollywood films, become the best comedian in the world, and win laurels.

”My dream is that one day we’ll win an Oscar,” Lame told Fortune. ”I like making people laugh. I love my family. I love my company.” With 2.4 billion TikTok likes, Lame derives most of his income from endorsement deals, with brands paying him about $400,000 per TikTok on average, according to Riggio (an agency source pegs the number closer to $350,000).

Aside from TikTok, Lame has also cofounded a creative agency, Iron Corporation, with Riggio to oversee athletes, actors, and fellow creators’ social presences and monetisation plays.

The Senegal native who emigrated from Dakar to the Turin suburb of Chivasso, Italy, emerged into prominence by sharing overly complicated life hacks in 2020 amid the pandemic.

Lame’s wordless videos have garnered millions of followers, and in June of 2022, he surpassed Charli D’Amelio to become the most-followed TikToker in the world.

Wode Maya is also doing his best on YouTube, these people are motivation for all of us. the beginning is hard but when it is set in motion, it never stops.

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