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Selections of Schools; Consider the follow before

Selection of Schools by Candidates/Parents  to Start from 31st October, 2022 to 18th October, 2022.

Parents have been given a video to watch to make accurate decisions when choosing schools. 2022 BECE Candidates School Selection Guideline -Download

Note that the Various Senior High Schools are all capable of giving your ward the best, Selecting or attending a high profile school doesn’t Guarantee an automatic pass.

Here are the schools, download and go through to make your selection.


There is a pdf format if you can’t open the above one.

2022 BECE Candidates School Selection Guideline -Download

You can consider the following too when choosing a school for your ward.

Please consider the location of the school. 

If the school is that far kindly choose boarding, Most mistakes, Yes we see it as a mistake, is parents going to rent for their children to stay alone. Kindly avoid it.  You will be surprised when you get to know what they have been doing.

You can look for a private hostel for your ward but not a private rent for them.

To get a hostel too you need to ask people around about the hostel, some, there are no control and are allowed to do anything they want.

Select schools closer to you. 

You might say the transport fares are high hence you will want your child to rather rent, Please consider your Childs security and wellbeing, they are more expensive than the transport.

Consider your child’s performance before selecting the schools, if possible allow your child to select the schools they want base on their academic performance  before you filter and select base on economics.

more updates soon





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