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SHS Nurse; Giving apor to them is at your own risk when you visit the CHPs Compound

The Youth Employment Agency is set to recruit about 5, 000 young Senior High School Graduates, as SHS Nurses to assist the Doctors and Nurses at the CHPS Compounds across the country.

The 2022 Batch of students have started with their WASSCE Examination, WAEC has tighten it’s security to prevent Cheating. WAEC introduces additional padlocks to enhance WASSCE security.

There are some recalcitrant ones who still want to help cheat. For your information, examination is set to push learners to learn and to also help classify them into various groups depending on their performance. Helping Learners cheat will only lead to misplacement of learners at the wrong places.

Just imagine visiting the CHPS Compound and there are no doctors and nurses, only SHS Nurses are available to give you assistance, and these are the same students you gave apor , to pass to be there…. Just imagine.

Just imagine you go to the CHPS Compound with your baby and the same ones you gave apor to, are the only ones available  to nurse your child.

Under normal circumstance they will have limited activities at the CHPS compound but you know what can happen…. Doctor may be late or nurses might be Busy and they will be ask to do the extra.

I was crippled for years just because a medical officer injected me at the wrong part.

If we are doing this, then, it must be selection of the best , Human health cannot be compromised in any way.

The Nurses and Midwifery association has suggested, government use the over 20, 000 fully trained nurses who are unemployed to assist the other nurses and Doctors rather than using the untrained SHS graduates.

Fight for Over 20, 000 Unposted Nurses; Why Use SHS Graduates in CHPS Compound

According to the government, the SHS graduates are just to help in record keeping, assisting the nurses,  Doctors and helping patient.

SHS nurses’ will only do the following for nurses and doctors – YEA responds to GRNMA


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