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SHS Placement for 2023/24 Academic Year CSSP Site Live-MOE/GES. Here is the call centre numbers

Management of Ghana Education Service (GES) has just release the SHS Placement for 2023 .

The CSSPS  Site is live .

How to check your School

List of Approved Voucher Vendors


New Call Centre Number

For complaints and enquiries, Call our help line
030 825 8001



Check Placement
Ministry of Education / Ghana Education Service – CSSPS

Visit the CSSPS Website

Purchase E-voucher with Mobile Money

Click on Check Placement

Enter your Index number and E-voucher

Enter your BECE Index number Followed by the  Year

100000000022 and 12 digit E-voucher


How to buy E-voucher

Follow the instructions on the page

Pay for e-voucher for unlimited checks

You can also dial *800*055#

Follow the prompt Select School Placement

Confirm Amount

After payment you’ll be sent your e-voucher


How to do Self placement

Visit the CSSPS Site

Select the placement module on the page to continue

Provide e-voucher Pin and index number

You’ll be directed to the self placement Module

Select the School you want from the list and Select Day or boarding

Confirm and print  changes



Management of Ghana Education Service (GES) wishes to announce to the General public that preparation are ongoing for the release of Senior High School Placement for the 2023/24 Academic year.

Management strongly cautions the general public NOT to fall prey to deceitful persons that may approach them to pay money for a place in SHS.

Such persons are to be reported immediately to the Police.

GES also recommended the General Public to follow their official social media handles for information and avoid Fake news portals.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) remains committed to ensuring a smooth, merit- based SHS placement process under the established guidelines.


MOE Caution letter reads

Caution against payment of money to secure school placement

Prospective Senior High School Students . parents/Guardians and the General public are hereby cautioned against any form of payment to unscrupulous individuals , offering to secure their preferred choice of school during the 2023 Computerized School Placement into Senior High/TVET Schools.

Kindly be reminded that, the School selection and Placement process is purely on merit and no other consideration whatsoever.

All these released are made following this ; WATCH FULL VIDEO The School Placement Fraud Expose’

Possible Grades and choices

Usually the following Aggregates would merit you into the Choices you may have but know that, raw scores are also used to place students.

BECE Aggregate 6-10  would merit you First Choice Depending on the Choice of Programme and Raw Scores of students.

For a Example. If your first choice is St. Augustine for Boarding and to offer General Science and your BECE Aggregate is 6,  doesn’t Guarantee your automatic Placement just that you have the upper hand, because some other students with the same BECE Aggregate 6 may have a better raw score than you, Now because of catchment area placement someone can also get BECE Aggregate 7  for science and can be Placed there because that’s the persons catchment area.

As it’s rightly said, the BECE School Placement is strictly Base on Merit.

Government Basic schools are also given upper hand than the private schools, this means if a students in a village Government school school obtain BECE Aggregate 8,  and A Private school students should also score the same BECE Aggregate 8, with the two choosing the same school and same course, the Government school Student would be Placed first.

A percentage quota priority is given to Public Basic Schools over private schools.

BECE Aggregate 11-19 Second Choice Placement

BECE Aggregate 20-19 Third and Fourth Choice Placement

BECE Aggregate 30-35 Fifth Choice placement

BECE Aggregate 35 and above Self Placement

Even though 35 and above are likely to have the self placement, a student with Aggregate 6 can also have self placement.

The CSSPS (GES) are working hard for such issues not to recur but a student who chooses unavailable schools will have to do self placement. If you choose Accra Academy for Science and you obtain BECE Aggregate 15, You may not be placed, if your second and other choices are also not available for your programme and grade, you’ll have to do self placement.

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