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Social Studies Wassce Objective questions and Answers 2024

Social Studies Wassce Objective questions and Answers 2024

NB: Right answers are in bold

1.The whole being of an individual which makes him or unique is referred to as the

A.Character B.confidence C. ego D.personality

2.Which of the following factors is the most effective way of helping the individual to develop his or her capabilities?

A.Education and training B.Financial Assistance C.Guidance and counselling D.Personal foresight

3.The most useful aspect of Maslow’s Theory of Needs for an individual is

A.esteem needs B. security needs C. self-actualization D. social needs

4.An identifiable social characteristic of an individual is the

A.ability to think about the future B.concern for physical changes in the body

C.desire to be independent D. desire to gain popularity among members

5.Responsible adolescent social behaviour can best be encouraged through

A.good preparation for life B. good preparation for marriage C.knowledge of reproductive system D. knowledge of risk of pre-marital sex

6.One activity that must be encouraged in modern Ghana because it complements the work of the police is

A.communal labour B.funeral rites C.neighbourhood watch D. puberty rites

7.The national flag is important because it

A.demonstrates the culture of the country B. depicts the authority of the land C. fosters unity among the people D. shows our colonial past

8.The call for the abolishing of widowhood rites and the trokosi system is mainly because

A.the United Nations say so B. they are practiced in the rural areas C. they are old fashioned D. they violate human rights

9.The main purpose of marriage in the Ghanaian society is to

A.create avenue for legitimate child bearing

B.give adult status and sense of importance

C.provide opportunity for the women to collect bride wealth

D.provide the opportunity to engage in economic activities

10.One consequence of breakdown of marriage in the Ghanaian society is

A.brain drain B. child delinquency C. excessive quest for wealth D. high infant mortality

11.One major characteristic of matrilocal marriage is that the

A.couple moves to live in a resident provided by the man

B.couple moves to live in a resident provided by the woman moves to live in the woman’s family house

D.woman moves to live in the man’s family house

12.The first step in the process of contracting customary marriage is

A.knocking B. payment of bride wealth C. period of courtship D. seeking consent of people

13.A group of people who are related by blood, marriage or adoption is known as

A.clan B. family C. lineage D. an ethnic group

14.Which of the following options relate to the Intestate Succession Law (PNDC Law 111) in Ghana?

A.Chieftaincy B. Employment C. Inheritance D. Marriage

15.Ideally, genuine love and affection for the child best comes from

A.aunts B. friends C. parents D. teachers

16.One way of improving the moral standard of the youth is by

A.encouraging peer influence B. guidance and counselling C. promoting access to night clubs. D. promoting free social media

17.Religious organizations are agencies of socialization because they help their followers to hidden truths B. gain eternal life C. live virtuous life D. search for the creator

18.The family is failing in the socialization process because of

A.inadequate infrastructure B. impartation of cultural values C. influence of foreign culture D. the provision of character training

19.Which of these factors does not compromise the quality of the environment?

A.Afforestation B. Construction C.Deforestation D. Urbanisation

20.Which of the following measures would you primarily recommend for the protection of the physical environment?

A.application and research findings B. ensuring environmental education C. ensuring environmental conservation D. Promulgation of environmental laws

21.Education is more useful when the individual is able to acquire knowledge and

A.abundant wealth B. a university degree C. professional skills D. social prestige

22.A country is said to be self-reliant when she

A.controls her co-operation with other nations

B.controls the world’s major financial institutions

C.relies mainly on foreign exchange

D.relies on her own resources and efforts for development

23.The challenges of political independence in Ghana can best be met through

A.cultural heritage B. electing experienced leaders C. formulating policies D. positive attitude to work

24.Which of the following factors is not a cause of conflicts in Ghana?

A.Chieftaincy disputes B. Ethnicity C. Incorruptibility D. partisan politics

25.The process by which a neutral party is involved in the resolution of conflict between two feuding group is referred to as

A.consensus building B. mediation C. negotiation D. power sharing

26.Which of the following options is an important quality of a good leader?

A.Absolution B. Foresight C. Potentiality D. Rigidity

27.Constittutional rule is an important element in nation building because it promotes

A.Community development B. good governance C.self- appraisal D. self-reliance

28.In a democratic state, the people express their varied views mainly through

A.a free press B. parliament C. public debate D. petition

29.An independent body that safeguards the constitution of Ghana is the

A.executive B. judiciary C. legislature D. police

30.Enjoyment of fundamental human rights of the citizen goes with

A.obligation B. probity C. transparency D. reward

31.The main function of commercial banks in Ghana is to

A.accept deposit from customers B. control foreign exchange transactions C. control the supply of money in the country D. issue new currencies into the system

32.One benefit of science and technology to society is

A.Ensuring effective prioritization of projects

Production of drugs with correct concentration

C.Traditional timing of the seasons

D.the use of charcoal to reduce salt content in soup.

33.The relationship Ghana has with the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) is

A.bilateral B.cultural C. multilateral D. political

34.The critical need for the contribution of the youth to national development means, the youth should given enough money to start a business given leadership positions at work places

C.enjoy unrestricted freedom in the community

receive the necessary education and guidance

35.The following statements are objectives of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) except

A.eradicating poverty from the continent B. holistic approach to Africa’s development

C.regional economic integration D. seeking reparation from colonial masters

36.Which of the following cooperations enjoins countries to send troops to restore peace in another country?

A.Economic cooperation B. Political Cooperation C.Technical cooperation D. Security cooperation

37.Basically, Ghana’s abundant resources can be effectively utilized through

A.acquiring sophisticated equipment B. attracting foreign support C. seeking foreign financial support D. seeking reparation from colonial masters

38.The first thing to consider when planning a community project is

A.government support B. identification of needs C. source of funding D. training of highly skilled personnel

39.An attribute which is not a necessity for an individual to contribute to community is

A.initiative B. selflessness C. vision D. wealth

40.To overcome the high cost of living in Ghana

A.interest on loans must from banks must be increased

B.production of goods and services must be increased

C.the population growth rate must remain at 3%

D.inflation rate must be allowed to rise

41.A project that is made to function continuously over long period of time can be described as

A.dependable B. profitable C. sustainable D. valuable

42.When taking a loan from the bank, the borrower must first consider

A.his/ her anticipated income B. the budget for the nuclear family C. the rate of inflation in the country D. the interest and terms of payment

43.Many business enterprise incur unmanageable debts because they

A.collect loans from banks B. do not plan their income and expenditure well

live or set up businesses in urban centres D. work with people outside family circles

44.Which of the following measures cannot be effectively used in breaking the vicious cycle of population Growth in Ghana

A.Family planning programmes B. Intensive public education C. the use of contraceptives

D.Total ban of on immigration

45.Overpopulation can be explained as a situation where the population of a country

A.grows at the rate of 3% B. has high morbidity rate C. is less than available resources more than available resources

46.One major effect of rural- urban migration on rural communities in Ghana is

A.collapse of rural industries B. Improvement in standard of living C. rapid growth of rural population D. rejuvenation of rural industries

47.The major reason for low productivity in the public sector is

A bureaucracy B. luck of skilled personally C. negative work attitude D. nepotism

48.A successful business is guided by the principles of

A bureaucracy B. duty consciousness C. democracy ethics

49.Which of the following options is not an important means by which the private entrepreneur can sustain his or her business?

A.applying higher skills and technology B. Having a huge amount of capital C. Maintaining high quality products D. Separating personal and business accounts

50.A quality of an entrepreneur is

A.decision making B. innovativeness C. risk bearing D. Supervision

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