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Steps to Apply For CCT Loan on Your Phone-Online

Here are the steps to Apply For Your CCT- Gh Loan

To be able to apply for the CCT Union Loans Definitely you must Be a member of the Coalition of Concern Teachers- Ghana and Have an active account

Here is what you need to do.

You must Create an account online, Your Regional Rep maybe able to help you do this.


  1. Login to
  2. Your Login Credentials are your Staff ID and CCT Fund ID
  3. Mobile money account number update
  4. Bank details update
  5. Next of Kin update,  Relationship , Phone,  Percentage to be given. Total must be 100%
  6. Email update
  7. ID Card  and picture
  8. You must also upload your national ID, Your Ghana Card or Voters ID

After the Creation of this account on the portal You will be able to login to use  the USSD

To Access the USSD platform

Dial *711*122#

Check your contribution fund ID

  1. Dial *711*122#
  2. select 1. CCT Fund
  3. Select contribution
  4. Select Fund ID
  5. Enter your Pincode

Check contribution Balance

  1. Dial *711*122#
  2. Select Fund
  3. Select contribution
  4. Select Balance
  5. Then enter your pincode

How to Apply for a Loan 

  1. Dial *711*122#
  2. Select 1 CCT Fund option
  3. Select Loan
  4. select Apply for loan
  5. Enter the Loan Amount
  6. Enter the Duration in months
  7. Enter your affordability amount
  8. Enter your Guarantor Staff ID , Yes you need a CCT member to Guarantee Your loan for you,
  9. Take the persons Staff ID after Application the person have to approve for your just on his/her phone.
  10. Select the disbursement Option either Through MoMo or Through Bank Transfer.  Your number will show for confirmation, If it is Correct, just select 1. yes, correct. If It is wrong select 2. No. Cancel. login to the the Online portal to make the necessary changes.
  11. Enter Mandate Number and pin. Click Here to Learn How to generate mandate number
  12. Enter your pincode
  13. Your Loan will be given a number with you receiving an sms.
  14. Contact your Guarantor to Approve for you.

To Top up the Loan

  1. Dial *711*122#
  2. select 1 CCT Fund
  3. select 2 loan
  4. select 2 top up
  5. Enter loan amount
  6. Duration in months
  7. Enter affordability
  8. Guarantor ID number and repeat the procedure for Loan Application

How to Approve a loan as a Guarantor

  1. Dial *711*122#
  2. Select 1 CCT fund
  3. Select 4 Guarantorship
  4. Select 2 confirm Guarantorship
  5. Enter your Pincode




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3 months ago

Pls how do I request for settlement quotation?

Kwadwo Jellu
Kwadwo Jellu
5 months ago

I can’t access the short code

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