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2024 Students Portal for Course Registration and Procedure UCC

Registration Procedure

Before registration, students should have:

Paid their fees in full

Obtained information from their respective Departments in respect of the courses on offer for the particular semester

Continuing students will proceed to do registration of their courses online.

Fresh students, on the other hand, will, upon payment of fees, have their registration numbers and passwords sent to them electronically after which they will proceed to create student portal accounts with which they will book for accommodation (applicable to regular students only) and register courses online.

Students MUST obtain print outs of the registered courses which should be kept as evidence of registration.

Students who fail to register by the close of the registration period will not receive any grades even if they attend lectures and take examinations.

Penalties for Late Registration

There is a penalty for late registration. Students who fail to register within the first two weeks of re-opening but in the third week will be charged a late registration fee. No student will be allowed to register after the third week of re-opening.
Adding/Dropping of Courses

These are non-compulsory courses that a student can drop latest two weeks after the end of registration. Adding or dropping of courses can be done by registered students ONLY. The deadline for adding or dropping is 21 days after the beginning of lectures. Failure to do so would earn the student an “E”.

Auditing Courses

To audit a course, the student must obtain the consent of the lecturer and the approval of his/her Head of Department.

A student auditing a course must register and attend all classes and laboratory sessions (if any) in the course. The student is required to submit assignments and take quizzes but not end-of-semester examinations unless it is mutually agreed between him/her and the lecturer.

Where there is no evidence of a student having properly audited a course (i.e. no continuous assessment marks), the course will not appear on the student’s transcript.

Only one course may be audited per semester. A student who is carrying the maximum workload (18 credits) cannot audit a course in the same semester.

Minimum and Maximum Workload

The minimum workload for a full-time (regular) student is 15 credits for a semester. The maximum allowable is 18 credits. For students on distance learning programmes, the minimum workload for three-year programmes is 10 credits while the maximum is 15.

For two-year programmes (distance learning), the minimum workload is 15 credits and the maximum is 18 credits.

However, a student cannot carry the maximum workload for more than five semesters in a four-year programme; not more than four semesters in a three-year programme; and, not more than three semesters in a two-year programme.

Whatever the workload, the minimum credit load for academic awards must be achieved (30 for Certificate, 60 for Diploma and 120 for Bachelors degree). These do not include credits for repeated courses on account of failure.


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