Teacher Professional Development

Supporting Teacher Wellbeing

Supporting Teacher Wellbeing

Leaders and teacher mentors or coaches will be able to create tools and systems to support the well-being of teachers by devising a strategy to assess and aid self-reflection.

Welcome to the Supporting Teacher Wellbeing module. In this module, you will be able to create tools and systems to support the wellbeing of teachers by devising a strategy to assess and aid self-reflection.

When it comes to Supporting teachers well being, most schools both Public and Private do little.

In some Private schools for instance, you can’t even be ill for some few days,

You are not allowed to be seen together as Teachers discussing or talking, it is assumed you are planning something against the School.

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This module on Upskill Teaches school owners, Head Teachers, HODs or Administration, how to manage the well being of Teachers.

It’s not all about students, Teachers give their all when it comes to school activities yet they get little.

In our schools, it is important to prioritise relationships and social-emotional activities as highly as academics to support teacher wellbeing.

When teachers are not in the right state of mind and feeling burnt out then the academics will also suffer.

This courses will help change your mind.

To optimally teach children, we need teachers with strong wellbeing. Wellbeing is associated with doing well for others, striving, coming up with creative solutions to problems, and socially connecting.

School leaders and mentors can support teacher wellbeing by creating a positive and supportive work environment.

One of the ways is to provide teachers with professional development that offers tangible strategies that supports their wellbeing

Do not assume Teachers are making connection among themselves during school days. .

This course is free on Upskill, you can take it online with just your phone, within 25 Mins you are done.

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If you are new to upskill, here is what to do.

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Click on create account and fill in with your credentials

After successful registration, login.

Scroll down and select the course Supporting Teacher Wellbeing.

Click on it and start learning.

Certificate will be awarded to you after the course.

How to download Your Certificate on Upskill / Instill

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