S$x is Traded for Sanitary Pad in Ghana and East Africa-Project Night fall

In a video sited by by project night fall team, where he talked about how people struggle to get the basic necessities, claimed in Ghana and East Africa Sex is traded for Sanitary pad. And we ask where did they get such data? Is it true?

In a 5:52 minutes video posted on their Facebook page, Titled they had to sell their kids for this… Here are what he said  in the video.

”In this video we would show you the most desperate thing  what people have traded for basic needs.”

He said, sadly,” in some part of Ghana and East Africa, s$x is traded for sanitary pad.”

‘Because of lack of education and poverty, some parents cannot provide menstrual products to their daughters. and so these poor girls are forced to TRADE. They fall in the hands of predatory men who grooms, manipulate and sexually exploit them, all in exchange for basic needs and access to period products.

I mean, imagine being a young  Girl and having to risk pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases just so your pants don’t get stained. This is unbelievable inhumane! but sadly we are only starting.

Because in some parts of America, yes even the most richest Countries, America , teenagers trade sex for food.

sadly according to research, some of the most underprivileged youngsters needs to help their families to survive.

so they resort to selling drugs and joining gangs and worse even, selling their bodies all for the basic needs.

Now from food to even water. The same reality happens to women in some parts of Kenya, because Kenya has been facing a water crisis for over six years now, and since water supply from the government isn’t enough, private vendors has to take over. And here is the part that enrages me! Men sell water during night time. So that they can force women to have s$x with them. And if you are a woman and you disagree, the threat of having no water for your children will push you to do the unthinkable. Even if its against your will. ”

A girl interviewed in the video said

( I use to take water on credit and the vendor asked how will you pay all this money? He told her to pay using her boy.)

According to project nightfall, ”In London after the pandemic, s$x has more than ever has also become currency, and they even put out advertisement for it.  (Free accommodation for attractive female), ( Room available for homeless woman), 

This is so sad nobody should ever  be forced to pay the price of  dignity, just so they have roof over their head.

But it even gets darker, because in some places in Syria and Egypt, its not just dignity they sell, they sell their own life.

Imagine having to lose one of your kidneys just so you can put food on your table.

In countries Like Afghanistan or Yemen, desperate children sell their children out of extreme hopelessness. just a few months ago a father from Afghanistan became so desperate that he thought the only way for providing food for the rest of the family was to   sell one of his  kids. He was forced to sell his 9yrs old daughter for a 55yrs old man for a price of $2,200.



Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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