Tanzanian Electric car: Is it possible to use Electric cars in Africa Now?

Tanzanian cartoonist unveils locally made electric car.

Tanzanian cartoonist Masoud Kipanya has officially unveiled the country’s first locally made electric car.

The environment-friendly electric car’s brand name is Kaypee Motor.

It has been made from local materials and requires six hours of charging to run between 50 to 60km, according to Mr Kipanya. The car has not yet been approved for use on Tanzanian roads, but he hopes to get certification soon.

Mr Kipanya told BBC Swahili that people still don’t believe that he made the car which took him 11 months to complete.

“This is a very powerful car that comes with its own charger and it is user friendly.”

“Let us not wait for foreigners to be doing these things for us,” he told the BBC. He said he had spent a lot of money developing it but wants to sell it at a lower price from 8m Tanzanian shillings ($3,400; £2,600) so that it’s affordable to porters and distributors.

The thought of developing the car started nine years ago, he said.

Africa with one of the largest population on earth on one of the continent where large amount of Energy is required by just a little amount is gotten. The energy crisis in Africa is huge, There are lots of countries in Africa which doesn’t have stable energy thus electricity supply hence how then do we make use of these Electric cars?

Credit: BBC


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