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Unposted train teachers who have stayed home for more than two years. A coalition of unposted train teachers lead by Rebecca Akosua Bawa want the GES to come to their aid and post them. The coalition has made several appeals to GES but to no avail.

This particular batch of students have stayed home for more than 2 years. Even with the GES posting current graduates and still leaving them behind.

According to her the excuse given by GES is that most of them don’t have the necessary documents to be posted. But for her, she has the photocopies or all the documents the GES seeks to post teachers thus their school certificate, NSS certificate, NTC licensure certificate, Birth certs and all other items required.

Today a group of them were found at the Headquarters of the Ghana Education service demanding posting. Most of them saying they slept there.

TV3 speaking with some of them as observed by saw some of them siting crying and looking very pitiful.

According to the leader, the list of 474 unposted teachers that they started with, surprising come up one by one with their appointment letter, she also said the GES claim has posted some in the previous years but did not report to their stations.   She said life has become unbearable for some of them in the current economic hardship.

She said they applaud the Minister for the recruitment done but the work is not complete.

When the news was posted by TV3 on Facebook, the leader Akosua Rebecca Bawa came to clarify she has been posted by the GES but can not neglect the others.

Here is what she posted

”Akosua Rebecca Bawa


Dear all, kindly note that I have been posted and I’ve made that clear to the media and the head of PR (Mad. Cassandra Twum Ampofo) at GES as well.

But NOT all backlogs were posted and as a leader I must continue fighting for those who were left behind.

I cannot neglect them because I have been posted and that is why I’m still on the issue. Thank you”.

Another commented also claims 2019 batch of nurses are still at home and something must be done Sei Portia

”Nurses 2019 batch Nac and Nap too have stayed home close to 3 years now”


credit: TV3 news 360


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