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As if admissions aren’t painful enough, the very first semester of school could be tedious as a fresher. To help cushion you in the most stressful period of your educational life we’ve put together 5 pc apps to make your life a little bit stress free.

1. Internet Download Manager

This is the ultimate app for all your downloads on any site. This app allows you to download your movies, tutoring videos, music and other applications. What makes IDM stand out is that it allows you to resume your downloads even if they fail or are incompletely downloaded. Well good things do not come free, do they? Here is a link to downloaded a mod version.


Do you need to share files from pc to pc with a friend and you have no drive present? Well, that headache is over. With anydesk you are able to have access to your peers’ pc by connecting pc to pc wirelessly, share files or teach him some computer skills from the comfort of your own pc.

3.360 Total Security

Now on to some security for your pc. The university has a lot of students, many of whom download items from unsolicited sites and end up downloading viruses with the items they download. As Ghanaians as we are who like to copy everything, we might end spreading the virus like a wildfire or STD through thumb drives and hard drives. This where 360 Total Security comes into play. It is rated as one of the best computer anti-virus software and guess what? It is free! Click here to download.

4.Quick Heal Total Security

Now what if you already have a virus? Then you count on the virus expert “Quick Heal Total Security” to solve your virus issues especially shortcut virus, where all your files become shortcuts, on your computer. Get the app here.

This is actually a website to meet most of your application needs. You can trust in this sites to meet your application needs from download managers, AutoCAD, dictionaries to mod versions of most computer apps.



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