Trending video of KNUST Medical student trying to End it All.

Trending video of KNUST Medical student trying to End it All.

What causes medical students to commit suicide?

Medical students may be at higher risk for suicide for a variety of reasons, including high levels of stress and exhaustion due to a

Demanding workload,

fear of failing or not meeting expectations,

feelings of guilt or powerlessness,

mental health problems that are not adequately addressed,

isolation and feelings of not belonging, and

fear of failure or falling behind.

Treatment for suicidal thoughts or behavior requires professional help.

There are multiple resources available at most medical schools, such as individual counseling, support groups, and crisis hotlines, that can provide help for medical students who are struggling.

Attempted Suicide by KNUST Student

A sad trending video on social media captures the moment a KNUST level 300 student tried to commit suicide by jumping off one of the storey buildings at Brunei Complex.

In the distressing video, the student named Kwadwo Asare Konadu Gyamfi had almost succeeded in jumping off the storey building but with the timely intervention of some students, he was saved.

As seen in the video, Kwadwo’s body was hanging through a window while his saviours had tightly held onto his hands to prevent him from falling.

He was then Pulled up.

According to some KNUST students on Twitter, depression might be the main reason behind Kwadwo’s suicide attempt.

As to the main reason for such an action is actually unknown.

Many social media Users urged the School to take the matter up and give him the necessary help he needs rather than punishing him as it seems to be the usual practice now.


Due to some Policies we are unable to publish the video here, the Video is Shared on our Platform here  Join to watch more

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