Trouble Looms in Parliament as 1st Deputy Speaker of Parliament wished to be counted.

Trouble looms in parliament as 1st Deputy speaker of parliament wish to be counted.

The first Deputy speaker of Parliament Honorable Joseph Osei Owusu Who took the seat of the speaker of parliament (Presiding)  after an hour recession on the controversial e-levy approval or rejection thus taking votes on whether or not the E-levy should be adopted under a certificate of urgency on Monday 22nd December, 2021, Wished to be counted.The speaker of parliament (Honorable Alban Bagbin ) is absent for reasons yet to be established after presiding the first section.

This brought a heated argument in parliament as the Minority side of the house contended that per parliaments Standing orders,the Speaker of parliament does not have a casting vote.

The Deputy Majority leader Honorable Afenyo Markin also raised argument suggesting there is no constitutional amendment suggesting the Honorable 1st Deputy Speaker has no voting right upon taken the seat.

The question was raised on the bill by the Deputy Speaker and he  ruled But Minority calls for a head count.

The Head Count

Parliamentarians were sent outside and their names were mentioned one after the other for the counting process.

When the 1st Deputy speaker’s name was mentioned, he quickly asked Hon. Andrew Asiamah Amoako
Second Deputy Speaker (whom has casted his vote) to take his seat whiles he goes to cast his vote as well.

What sparked the fight

This actually spark the Fight. The Minority in Parliament did not agree to this, just when he was about to step down for the second Deputy Speaker to take over, the Minority took the stage,resulting in a fight on a live camera.

There were attempts  to even snatch the seat but failed due to the timely intervention of the Marshalls.

There were instances where some parliamentarians on live camera calls NDC parliamentarians as Animals and villagers.

The situation was calmed as the Majority Leader and Minority Leader both called for order in the chamber.

Both of the Leaders of Parliament had a meeting right in the chamber to resolve the issue.

But could not reach anywhere and have to go out for private discussions.

At the long run the Second Deputy Speaker  came back to preside and adjourned the house to the next day.



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