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TUC on Debt Exchange Programme, No recruitment and Salary increment for workers

TUC to government, pension funds of its members will not be part of the Domestic

Debt Exchange Programme.

COLA has lost it’s value,

Workers on the Single Spine salary Structure are receiving the worse of salaries in the public sector hence the need to review with immediate effect.

It’s time for a substantial increase for workers, especially those on the single spine salary structure who are providing important public services such as health, education, security and other public / civil services.


That is why the TUC will continue to demand a realistic pay increase that will reflects current inflationary trends in the ongoing Public sector pay negotiations.


Anything short of that will push many public sector workers and their families into severe poverty and destitution.


TUC is to meet government today 13th December, 2022 at 2pm for a negotiations on the base pay.  2023 Base Pay Negotiations; FWSC invites Labour for a further meeting- Peace.

TUC also believes the freeze on employment will worsen situations for young  Graduates as many private companies are even laying off employeesNo Recruitment in civil and public service in 2023 – Ken Ofori-Atta

On the issue of Pension ,




We have extensively scrutinized the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme which was launched on 5th December, 2022. We have come to a firm conclusion that the programme will negatively affect pension funds of our members and, consequently, their retirement income security.


The Trades Union Congress (TUC) and its affiliate national unions have, therefore,

decided that the pension funds of its members will not be part of the Domestic


Debt Exchange Programme.


We are by this letter demanding that all pension funds invested in government bonds should be completely exempted from the Domestic Debt Exchange programme. We further demand that within a week of receiving this letter government should publicly announce that all pension funds, including SSNIT, are exempted from the programme.


If government fails to accede to this demand, we will advise ourselves.


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