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UCC CoDE extends studies beyond the borders of Ghana

Digital learning thus online learning was an initiative most universities in Africa were considering but at rather slow pace until the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world, where all schools across the world had to shut down almost completely for awhile.

The Universities with the Digital learning platforms were still in operation with tuitions happening online and Examination as well.

This pushed most Universities in Africa to fast track their online Learning platforms to keep their schools in session with their students engaged.

The Head of Mathematics and Science at the College of Distance Education (CoDE), Prof Emmanuel Kwasi Abu says the College has extended its studies beyond the borders of Ghana with students in Nigeria taking some of its courses online.

He said the college expanded its virtual classrooms and also put up video conferencing and online classrooms to reach more students across the world.

He explained that “For our postgraduate programs, we do online; even though we do some level of face-to-face as well.

Except for a few programs where they would need some hands-on Practical lessons and face-to-face is mandatory… We are expanding the programs as well. Very soon we will bring on health sciences.”

Speaking to ATL FM NEWS on the sidelines of an orientation programme for fresh post-graduate students of the college, Prof. Abu said the University through the College has created a conduit for thousands of students to pursue a university education.

He said quality assurance mechanisms have been put in place to ensure that students, with the requisite facilities and resources, pursue their prospective programmes in the most efficient and effective manner.

“We have always been leading and we want to still keep ourselves in lead at the end of the day, you will see that it is worth it.

When you hold the certificate, it has weight. When you are employed, your employer will attest to the fact that you actually have gone through a program.

So, here at the University of Cape Coast College of Distance Education, we don’t give certificates for free and students are aware of that. And students who are serious always want to come to us” he continued.

Prof. Abu indicated that once the video-conferencing has been set, students will be able to access recorded lectures and better online services.

He also stated that a platform is been activated by the college to receive and resolve students’ complaints.

With the country’s economic situation where most students find themselves being workers and schooling at the same, Prof. Abu said the management of the college has come out with innovative ways for students to pay their fees through the mobile system

He said this will enable the students to pay bit-by-by into the account after registration.

“We have a momo system with the Prudential bank. And the shortcode has been given to the students.

So you stay home, and you have GHc200 in your MoMo, you just push in and it immediately credits you, and you will see on your student portal that you have paid your fees.

So, you don’t need to accumulate so much to go to the bank to pay. GHC 10 you can push it and by the time you would realize you have paid all your fees and that makes it also very flexible.”

Prof Emmanuel Kwasi Abu, therefore, encouraged all and sundry, especially the working population who might find it very difficult to leave their homes and their jobs to take advantage of this opportunity that UCC CoDE has created and join the distance learning programmes

According to him, if UCC CoDE is expanding its frontier, then they diversifying the programs to enable all manner of persons to be able to participate in their postgraduate program, especially for this year.


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