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One of the core values of the University of Professional Studies, Accra is ‘Service,’ translated as ‘recognizing social needs and applying our strengths and knowledge to address those needs’.

In pursuance of this value, the University has established the Vice Chancellors Endowment Fund (VCEF), an investment fund established for receiving third party donations as well as contributions from the University, with the purpose of generating operating income for scholarships.

The VCEF is an investment fund of cash, securities or other assets set aside for perpetuity to provide funding for UPSA scholarships.


A key factor accounting for under-development in Ghana is poor access to education. UPSA’s aim is to improve access to university education in Ghana by enabling bright and needy students receive undergraduate education at UPSA.

Every year, about 1.350 students who qualify to enter UPSA are not able to do so due to financial challenges. An average of 300 UPSA students defer their studies at UPSA each year due to financial challenges.

A significant number of UPSA students drop out before completing final year due to financial constraints. UPSA receives averagely 1450 applications for financial assistance each year.

To help resolve these and other related financial challenges, UPSA is soliciting for donations to be invested for returns which will ensure financial support for such needy and brilliant students.


Based on the objectives of VCEF, the disbursement of the fund covers full or part scholarships for newly admitted and continuing undergraduate students as well as newly admitted and continuing students pursuing professional courses at UPSA.

The scholarship also covers the marginalised and disadvantaged in our society as well as the talented who are needy.

Fund Management

The primary investment objective of the VCEF is to produce a rate of total return which will permit maximum support for the scholarship scheme to the extent that is consistent with prudent management of investments.

The Vice Chancellor of UPSA is responsible for the overall management of the VCEF under the guidelines set by the University Council.

The Vice Chancellor works through the VCEF Board of Trustees (composed of eminent external persons) who hold and manage the original contributions according to the investment policies.

The Board of Trustees supervise the VCEF Fundraising Committee; the VCEF Scholarship Awards Committee and the external VCEF Fund manager.

UPSA is targeting an amount of one hundred million Ghana cedis (GHS 100 million) as seed amount for the VCEF. Towards this target, UPSA will greatly appreciate if you support the fund with a substantial financial donation.

Your donation will be invested by the VCEF Board of Trustees to yield returns which will provide scholarship for identified needy students.

Your donation will improve access to University education at UPSA which positively contributes to national human resource capacity enhancement and poverty reduction.

Whilst we prefer a financial donation which can be easily channelled into investment, alternatively, you may wish to sponsor a specific number of students pursuing particular courses at UPSA over a specific period.

The cost of sponsoring one undergraduate student per year including boarding and lodging is GHS 10,320; GHS 11,320 for LLB level 100 entry and GHS 15,200 for LLB level 200 entry.


There are other scholarships too that will be made available to you as you are admitted.



Peter N. Djangmah is a multifaceted individual with a passion for education, entrepreneurship, and blogging. With a firm belief in the power of digital education and science, I am affectionately known as the Private Minister of Information. Connect with me
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