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Validation is in; Promotion of Junior Ranks Take Effect but


GES Upon the release of this Letter in April, The Recent May Validation has seen the confirmation of changes as promised.  The process is to start from May and by July, every affected teacher should see the changes. With the salary effected.

The letter Reads

Management of Ghana Education Service is aware of concerns raised by some sections of staff, especially those whose promotions are by work inspection and promotions at the District and Regional levels.

The fact of the matter is that data of some of these promotions have been submitted to Headquarters for approval. The data collected from all the Regions estimated around 39,000.

Clearly, the data needed to be verified since not all of them were eligible for the promotion. For instance, the data collected included data of personnel of the Assistant Director grades who obviously were not junior officers. Part of the data also indicated that some personnel were already on the ranks they were seeking promotions to.

The verification is almost completed and Management wishes to assure all staff involved that when the next window for input into the payroll opens later this month, the process will begin for payment to be effected from May, 2022.

It is hoped that by the end of July 2022, all the affected staff would have been placed on their required scale and paid.

It is the expectation of Management that this should provide the needed assurance to the staff involved and to urge all staff affected to exercise maximum restraint.

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