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WAEC Coordination 2022 and the Need to be Upgraded


No wonder in some schools, before you get transfer to or get employment, they require you are an Examiner.

WAEC Coordination has started across the country. The coordination is three days, which started Tuesday 25th October, 2022 to 27th October, 2022.

Seekersnewsgh’s Teams were sent to observe this year’s coordination.

After the WASSCE Examination or the BECE, Examiners are selected from the Various schools/institutions, and trained to mark the Scripts. You need to Apply before. Once you apply, your credentials remain in the system and you can be called at anytime.  HOW TO GET A JOB AT WAEC

The Coordination Process

The coordination process is simple but critical, all examiners are to attend before handling them scripts to mark.

On the First day, the Examiners go through orientation on the DOs and DON’Ts which is mainly termed, general Coordination.

Just after that, Examiners are grouped according to the subject they are coming to Mark and trained accordingly.

Examiners are giving samples of the Marking scheme together with samples of the written papers and the Chief Examiner, goes through the Marking scheme with them.

Questions are tackled item by item and they are fully analyzed. Each question is read and possible answers are read also, the expected answers are base on keywords, if the keywords are not available the students scores zero.

The examiners are teachers who are in active service with years of experience. They also come up with possible answers they have come across, for possible consideration.

Some are accepted some too are not. Some may be accepted last year but you will be surprised this year it won’t be accepted.

After going through the marking scheme, examiners take home their sample exam papers to mark, come back the following two days for deliberations and scrutiny. This is to ensure, margin of error is to the lowest minimum. To make all examiners be on the same page.

On the Last day, they are grouped into Teams and handle their original Papers.

There are various mechanisms put in place by WAEC to ensure the papers are accurately marked and scored.

Hence, after making, the examiners have to submit the papers to their team leaders for further scrutiny before being submitted.

The chief examiners will also have to scrutinize such papers then, it is also given to script checkers to slowly go through.

Script Checkers go through all papers slowly and make sure all items are correctly marked and scored accurately, they also make sure the scores given are well calculated by re-calculating all marks given.

You can apply for WAEC Script Checking


Sometimes you might hear what the Examination body WAEC wants, but it’s not the same as being there to experience what it is like considering certain answers or being an examiner.

Our members are now born again after the first day of coordination.

Some answers provided in most textbooks are not mostly found on WAEC marking schemes which means students will be marked down should they use such Books.

Teachers who go through coordination will be able to identify expected keywords during Teaching.

Every year’s coordination comes  with new key items.

Head of Academics, HODs, should organize  PLC every year, invite a resource person thus any of the Examiners to update the subject teachers on new items being targeted by the Examining Body.

Individually, Teachers can also see examiners to update them before it’s too late.




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