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WAEC Vs A Student in Court over Cancelled Results A Must Read By All Students

Examination Rules are strict and mostly not compromised, Here is a student who sent the WEST African Examination Council WAEC to Court over her cancelled Results.

Well, some of us wouldn’t have known about this had it not been published by Kofi Asare of Eduwatch.

From Kofi Asare of Eduwatch: I have been keenly following a case involving a former student of a reputable girls’ school in Ghana and WAEC.

Apparently, many others are caught in this web.

WAEC cancelled her 2022 WASSCE Chemistry Practical results because she failed to write her index number on the answer sheet, after writing only her name, contrary to WAEC’s Rule 8 (2).

But for the index number mistake, the lady’s results would earn her admission into any of the public universities to read science. Course Outline / Courses for Each University Programme

WAEC explains after a CHRAJ petition that, indeed, the candidate’s result was cancelled ONLY because she did not write her index number on the Chemistry Practical answer sheet.

While I ( Kofi Asare ) believe compliance with examination rules is a very important part of their education, cancelling ones result for not writing their index number on an answer sheet may be a bit too harsh, especially if there is no indication whatsoever of a malpractice; only negligence.

I ( Kofi Asare) urge WAEC, Minister of Education Dr. Yaw Osei Adutwum and the Ghana Education Service GES to work together and find human grounds on the application of Rule 8(2) as it appears too much of a strict liability rule, especially when there is no suspicion of a malpractice or report of same at the examination centre.


Final year SHS students must take this lesson very very serious. Parents, please remind them!

I ( Kofi Asare) have spoken to WAEC this afternoon, and do appreciate their perspective. I have however, indicated to them that Eduwatch will be submitting a formal MEMO on the application of Rule 8(2) in the coming days.

NB: Attached is a screen shot of Rule 8(2).



When a candidate fails to complete the cover page of his/her answer booklet as
specified in the instructions, his/her entire results shall be withheld pending
cancellation of his/her result(s) for the subject concerned by the appropriate
Committee of Council.

(2) Where a candidate, in contravention of the instructions to candidates, writes with
pencil instead of ink or shades with ink instead of pencil, his/her entire results
shall be withheld pending cancellation of his/her result(s) for the subject concerned by the appropriate Committee of Council.

Revised Examination Rules for 2023 WASSCE

WAEC Developed Electronic Means of Detecting Exams Malpractices

Revised Examination Rules for 2023 BECE

From what we’ve heard these days, students do not use the official documents for writing their mocks, these can cause some of this fatal errors.

Schools were writing multiple Mocks before their Final WASSCE to test them and be sure they know all the WASSCE Rules before writing. In recent times, most schools write only one Mock.

Just a single mock examination can have dare  consequence  on the student and this is one of them.

Schools should try and have multiple mock examinations before the final Exams.

WAEC Rules and Regulations must be read to students or Published in the School to make student go through before their Examination.

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