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WASSCE Mathematics Objectives Part 1 2024

Try to solve this questions, the more you try, you become familiar with the type of questions and how to solve them. Visit us frequently for more to solve.

Right answers are in bold.

1.Simplify ( *2)/(12+1)

A.5/8   B.5/32 C.5/64 D.5/72

2.Given that 3*91+x=27-x , find the value of x.

A.-3/5 B.-1 C.-2 D.-3

  1. In a class of 39 students, 25 offer Fante and Twi. Five students do not offer any of the two languages. How many students offer only Twi.

A.6 B.7 C.8 D.9

4.Evaluate (4-2^1/2)/2 .

A.2^1/2-1B.2.2^1/2-1 C.2^1/2 +1 D.2.2^1/2+1

5.Mary and Charity entered into a business partnership and agreed to share their profit in the ratio 4:5 respectively. If Mary received 5,000.00 less than charity, how much profit did they make?

A.30,000.00 B.35,000.00 C.40,000.00 D.45,000.00

  1. A man bought a car for 5,000,000.00 from a dealer on hire purchase. He pays a deposit of 3,000,000.00 and agrees to pay the balance at 8% compound interest per annum. If he pays 1,000,000.00 at the end of each year, how much will be remaining after two years?

A.92,800.00 B.252,800.00 C.320,000.00 D.332,800.00

  1. y varies inversely as the square of x. When x=3, y=1000. Find the value of x when y=25.                            A.x=30 B.X=12 C. x=6 D. x=5
  2. solve the equation t-9/5=-1                                                                                                                                A.t= 3/5 B.t=11/15 C.t=4/5 D. t=13/15
  3. Find the truth set of the equation: (x-2)2 +3=(x+1)2-6

A.{-2} B.{-1} C.{1} D.{2}

10.Two friends, Dede and Kofi decided to buy the same type of car. They found out that the car costs 3,000,000.00. The amount of money (f) which Dede had was not enough to buy the car but Kofi had enough money (k) to buy the car. Which of the following inequalities is true?

A.f≤3,000,000.00≤k B.f>3,000,000.00>k C.f<3,000,000.00 D.f≥3,000,000.00>k

11.Simplify z/(z+2)-(z-2)/(z-3)

A.4-3z/(z+2)(z-3)B.3z-4/(z-3)(z+2)  C.4+3z/(z+3)(z-2)  D.4+3z/(z+2)(z-3)

12.Simplify x^-1+y^-1/x+y

A.y/x B.x/y C.1/xy D.xy

  1. A chord of a circle with radius 5cm subtends to form an angle of 70 at the centre. Find, correct to 1d.p the length of the chord.

A.8.2 cm B. 5.7 cm C.4.1 cm D.2.9cm

  1. A pyramid with a square base has a volume of 1,400 cm^3. I f a side of the base is 10cm long, find the height of the pyramid.

A.70cm B.42cm C.21cm D.7cm

15.Which of the following are true about parallelograms? (Q.16)

A. Opposite angles are supplementary

B. Opposite angles are complementary C. Opposite angles are equal

D. Opposite angles are reflex angles

16.The interior angles of a pentagon are x, x+5, x+10, X+15 and x+20. Find the value of x.

17.Calculate the gradient of the line which passes through the points (1,4) and (-2,6). (Q20)

A.-3/2 B.-2/3 C.2/3 D. 3/2

  1. Calculate the distance between the points (3, -2) and (8,10). (Q.21)

A.12 units B.13 units C.14 units D.15 units

  1. Evaluate Cos(65)/Sin(25)+(Sin35)/cos(55) (Q22)

A.3 B.2 C.1 D.0

20.From a height of 2 m above the ground and at a horizontal distance of 12.3^1/2the angle of elevation from the top of the tree is 30. How tall is the tree? (Q.23)

A.8m B.8 C.14m D.18m

The PDF for this will be uploaded soon for you to download.

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