Teacher Professional Development

What goes into CPD; No need to do all NTC Paid Courses

Mandatory programmes
These are essential trainings that every teacher is expected to attend through Professional Learning Community (PLC) programmes such as SBI, CBI, DBI.

Rank based programmes (Community of Practice)
These are training programmes expected to be attended by teachers in specific ranks, classes, subjects or positions to deal with specific issues in relation to their assigned roles. (School Improvement Officers, Heads of Schools, HODs, Directors of Education, Subject Teachers etc). There may be courses for HODs, if you are just a class

Recommended programmes
These are trainings which are recommended by NTC based on needs assessment

Portfolio building
It is a detailed record of training programmes and activities attended by a teacher within a specified period, that is, between the issuance of the license to its renewal.

How long Does it take to build points

It can take you about 3 or more years to get the required points for the licence renewal, there is no need

All You Need to Know about NTC Courses and the Ones to take; How to Register Each Course



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