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When will GES Recruit all the UCC, UEW, UG, AAMUSTED B.Ed ( Education) Graduates

When will GES Recruit all the UCC, UEW, UG, AAMUSTED  etc. B.Ed ( Education) Graduates who have written the GTLE and their license will Expire soon For Renewal


There are various Group of Student Teachers trained in Ghana Currently.

1. The University Students who reads B.Ed. Bachelor of Education Courses . This group mostly Obtain B.Ed Accounting, B.Ed Biology, B.Ed Integrated Science, B.Ed Social Studies etc.

Most of this group  when recruited are sent to the Senior High Schools and Technical Schools to Teach.

Except those who read B.Ed Early Childhood Education and a Group of Special Education Teachers or unless there is a dire need of Teachers in the Basic level.

2. University Students who Reads B.Ed ( Basic Education). This Group of Teachers read Basic Education courses just like those in the College of Education.

This Group during recruitment, for some time now have seen their numbers drastically decline in the recruitment list as all Recruitment currently targets CoE, College of Education Graduates.

3. College of Education Students who obtains  Diploma in Basic Education Certificate after their Course. This Group now do B.Ed (Basic Education )  Degree at their various Colleges.

All those who obtained the Diploma are now doing Top Ups at the various Universities to obtain the DegreeUCC 3 Semester Bachelor of Education Top Up Application for Admission Cohort 

4. There are few groups of Teachers who also obtained BSc. Bachelor of Science Certificates and other non Education related  Courses, these Group also do a Top Up with an Educational Course to enable them Teach.


The Ghana Education Service obtain data from all the schools in Ghana, sees the pressure that would mount in the various schools if they don’t send in more Teachers and hence opens the portal for Recruitment.

This is after Clearance has been seek from the Ministry of Finance for the number.

Formerly, College of Education teachers are posted directly and Graduate Teachers who wants to Teach walk in to any Senior High or Technical School and Apply.

It is the School that Process all documents to the District/Metro, Regional and to HQ.

Current Recruitments mostly affects Graduates who obtained Degree in Education and  CoE, Graduates who obtained  Diploma in Education from the university are sidelined for Diploma Graduates from CoE as there stand a Bond between the CoE, GES, MOE and Unions.

Graduate Teachers unemployed with soon to expire Teaching License

There are many   Graduates Teachers currently at home with no Jobs. Both University Graduates who have done Degree and Diploma in Education.

These Group, majority have even written the mandatory Ghana Teacher Licensure ExaminationNTC- GTLE 2023 Update ; The Council Has developed 65 subjects reform for 2023 ) which will expire soon for renewal and are also done with their National Service.

The Ministry of Education requested for an amount of Ghc 302.4 million  for the  recruitment into the Ghana Education Service in the 2023 Budget.

The proposal was dropped by the Ministry of Finance in line with Government’s decision to freeze employment into the civil and Public Service. No Recruitment in to civil and public service in 2023 – Ken Ofori-Atta

According to Eduwatch’s Analysis, this will negatively impact education Service delivery as about 16,500 College of Education graduates, 4,246  University Graduate Teachers and 10, 800 non-Teaching Staff may not be recruited in the financial year requested by the education sector Agencies.

Posting of 16,500 College of Education (CoE) graduates for one month (Dec 2023) because they will be done with their National Service in Sept 2023

Cost of recruiting 4,246 Graduate Teachers for a period of 9 months taking into account the recruitment period at an average salary of GHs2,684.

Cost of recruiting 10,800 Non-Teaching Staff for a period of 9 months with an average salary of GHS 1,600.

Amounted to the Ministry of Education Request for  GH¢302.4 million.

Read More MOE requested GH¢302.4 million for 2023 recruitment of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

On Feb. 10th, 2023 the Ghana Education Service published on it’s  official  sites  the Recruitment of Teachers with Diploma in Basic Education certificate into the Service.

Many said it’s fake, with some also asking how? If there is no recruitment into the Public Sector how Can the Ghana Education Service open Recruitment Portal?.

Check here and Apply 2023 GES Official Recruitment of Teachers- Apply Here

When will GES Recruit the Teachers trained to Teach, who have paid to write the NTC Teacher Licensure Examination which will expire soon for Renewal.


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