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Workers on the single spine salary structure receive the lowest salaries in the public sector-TUC Demands Review Before

Review National Labour laws

Workers on the single spine salary structure receive the lowest salaries in the public sector-TUC Demands Review Before

Review the single-spine salary structure before the next round of negotiations.


Dr Anthony Yaw Baah secretary General of TUC during the 2023 May Day celebration under the

Theme  Protecting incomes and pensions in an era of economic crises is our responsibility in Bolgatanga touched on key issues;


The conflict in the area is having a devastating effect on workers and people.

Teacher Unions ask Members to Flee

Education, health and many other things are affected.

”We are feeling the high cost of inflation , destruction of jobs and potential jobs thus employment freeze , depreciation in cedis , Sharp increase in fuel prices. Delay in infrastructure etc”

Freeze on Employment into Public Sector disappointing – TUC to announce its’ Position

IMF has become the lifeline of the country and it’s regrettable as there are numerous human and natural resources in this country.

The economic crisis we are experiencing in Ghana is self impose.

Covid and Ukraine war is not the cause of our problem but rather exposed the the state of the economy.

National Cathedral

Government can lead us out of this crisis by cutting all non essential expenditure including the need to stop our hard earn revenue on National Cathedral

It will be better to convert the project into National Hospital.


Protect jobs if you want to protect incomes.

Employers are taking advantage of the weakness in the labour law to cheat employees. By placing permanent contract with fixed term contacts.

Review of National labour laws

Review  National labour laws To protect jobs and income.

Adopt wage policy that indexes wages to inflation that’s why labour requested for 60% but was given 30% at a time when inflation was 53% .

The 30% actually appears substantially but in real times workers have suffered  significant decline in real income.

Permanent solution is for inflation to come down.

If inflation remains high organise labour will demand wages increase that reflects inflation and high cost of living

That is the only way to guarantee a living wage and for workers

Single Spine Salary Structure

Single Spine has outlived its usefulness; it must be reviewed – PSWU

Workers on the single spine salary structure receive the lowest salary’s in the public sector even though they provide all the essential services to  the people of Ghana. Health care, education, security etc

Review the single spine salary structure before the next round of negotiations.

We will no longer accept situations where article 71 office holders are given fat salary’s whilst workers on the single spine salary structures receive less than Ghc 600 which is less than 2$ per day poverty line in the world.

Re-inclusion of Pension Funds in DDE; Organized Labour react

Pension funds

Check your Pension Lump Sum TIER 2 | Statement Short Code | Registration forms GESOP

Mr. President do not touch our pension funds.

Protecting pensions is our responsibility. Our First responsibility is to protect pension funds  from domestic depth exchange program and nothing has change since the last meeting Pension Funds Exempted from Debt Exchange Programme hence do not touch our pension funds.

Good news in 2021 the president of Ghana Nana Addo promised a top up in the lump sum of pension funds starting from January 2020.

Those who retired at the time had a lower lump sum. All those eligible are yet to receive their top up.

Today the president has assured through  Government will pay the lump sum top up this year before the review of the 2023 budget.

Other Issues He touched on,

Tier 2 should be reviewed immediately.

Can I Withdraw my tier 2 Contributions | Check Steps for Disbursement

Violation of employers and victimisation must stop

Saglemi housing project, president must do something to make it useful for Ghanaians.

Gov’t to sell Saglemi housing project to private developer

Tema oil refinery Mr president use your office to revamp the refinery.

There should be national dialogue on the economy



2023 Organised Labour to negotiate salary increment amid new revenue bills

2023 Public Sector Salary increment Overview in selected Countries as Unions all over fight for better conditions

CPD Points to be revised to 20 Points for all Ranks – NTC Teachers and Stakeholders meeting Outcome


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