You manipulated the man, chopped all his money, and set him up-evidence the spiritualist Nana Adu Boafo is a criminal and A frauster

The spiritualist Nana Adu Boafo is a criminal and A frauster , He set the Man Up,

According to Kwame A plus, the herbalist who has been seen recently as the Messiah for a  little girl whose father has been arrested by the police for attempting to use the daughter for Rituals.

In a WhatsApp post published on his social media handle, He said

”Now!! Go and ask Ghana Armed Forces if this info is false. I want just one person to dispute these facts.

When a matter comes up, most of you always look at it from one angle. Bra Kwame will always dare to look at it differently, and Bra Kwame will always win.

Now, looking at where I’m getting my information from (in the military), I am stating categorically, without fear of being sued for defamation that, the spiritualist, Nana Adu Boafo is a criminal and a fraudster.

If you like, let’s meet in court. You manipulated the man, chopped all his money, and set him up. Wo yɛ krɔfoɔ totobotomni bronsam promax. Nyame betua wo ka!! Paaa!! Sia!!!

*But still the girl’s father too is a goat!!!

The WhatsApp post with some part of the name hidden with the rest soldier as the name brought out this

‘’Reference the herbalist matter

This guy, Adu Boafo was in the Ghana Navy.  He was involved in so many illegalities.

He is noted for cyber crime, leaking of confidential information, deceit ( Using his Herbal medicine and a host of others). He had a tough time with the Defense intelligence and Military police for masterminding a certain Ghana soldiers Magazine on Facebook.

A page he used to illegally report activities of the GAF and Falsehoods.

He was dismissed from the GAF with Disgrace about 5 years ago. He is a dangerous person and noted for setting up Officers and soldiers.

He cause many their livelihoods and cooked problems for others.

Am not surprise this ostensibly to gain popularity. I know him personally. Very Cunning, smart and Dangerous’’


Police Arrest Businessman for Allegedly Attempting To Use his Daughter for Ritual Purposes
1. The Police have arrested a 42-year-old businessman, Evans Oppong, a resident of Fise, near Amasaman for allegedly taking his 11-year-old daughter to a native priest at Oyibi Kom in Accra for ritual purposes, today on, June 3, 2022.

The herbalist, Nana Adu-Boafo, caused the arrest of Oppong adding that he wanted to prove that “not all herbalists are bad”.

A viral video circulating on social media shows Oppong with a white cloth around his waist while his daughter waits in a room to be “sacrificed”.

A statement issued by the police said, “the suspect’s arrest followed information provided by a patriotic citizen to the police, and we are grateful to him for his selfless service which has saved the life of the child involved.”

“The victim is currently in the safe custody of the police while an effort is being made to reunite her with her mother and the rest of the family,” the statement added.



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