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Youngsters making Ghc 2,500 a week for sperm and Egg Donation

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You may have heard somethings but possibly not all of it

In a interview on TV3 a young Ghanaian University student who asked the colleagues where they make their money was shown the way.

A Ghanaian young man, Curtis Jackson (not his real name) has revealed he donates sperm for a fee of ₵2,500 every week.

His revelation is contained in a special feature by TV3 dubbed, “Man Assisted Babies” aired on News360 Saturday, January 14, 2023.

The feature by Emmanuel Samani explores sperm and egg donations in Ghana which has become the means of survival for many young unemployed youth who have to make ends meet.

According to him , He saw his colleagues looking good always and asked how they make their money, they shown him what they do and he is also into it now.

He believes the Bible says we should be fruitful and multiply so he is doing the work of God.

A sperm donor is a man who donates his sperm for use in artificial insemination.

A syringe-sized container of sperm is sold between GHC 2,500.00 and GHC4,500.00

Health and safety issues associated with sperm donation have also been raised.

This is because donors are generally required to present extensive family and personal medical data about genetic disorders, as well as medical evaluation including screening for sexually transmitted diseases.

What is a sperm donor used for?

Sperm donation is done to help an individual or a couple conceive a baby.

You might choose to make a sperm donation to help those who are unable to conceive, such as a woman who doesn’t have a male partner or a couple experiencing male infertility.
Can you still have a baby if you donate your eggs?

Yes, you CAN get pregnant after donating eggs as it won’t affect future fertility.


Surprisingly there are many who want to do same.

Pls the location and how much is kuffour gallon and secondly I want to come stay there so I donate for a year

Please I need the location. I can donate directly into source too if possible

Purpose ooooo. Aside ritual den it kull. May be someone need it 4 fertilization

Pls how much is 52 crates I can offer ooo

I want to donate my own please

How much is 1 barrel and where can I locate you🤣🤣🤣

Mmmm think good n bad to guys, hv u seen the one receiving those donors, it’s cn be positive or negative, u don’t kno if they are using it for rituals or for something else, don’t think about the amount ooo but think about ur future

… realize that the child may be without a father and vice versa. Breeding moral, financial & legal consequences




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