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Your Salary Paid to Different Bank Account Where You Don’t Bank

Salary workers usually expect at the end of the month, their salary comes to their bank accounts with majority receiving alert for it.


Here is a different case as a worker who couldn’t get the salary decided to investigate and realized the salary has been paid to a different Bank account where he doesn’t even Bank.


Dauda X  posted on the platform,


Good day Colleague ..

Please there is an issue and I need help…

My salary has been paid into a different bank which I don’t even have a bank account with, am confused…

Please I need a way forward

Thank you.


Yeah, the salary has been paid to Energy Bank, Accra. And He seem to be located in Tamale.

The question on the minds of majority is, How did he know the money has been paid to the said Bank.


How to check the Bank on your payslip


Login to your epayslip portal


Generate a months payslip


check the bottom right corner


Your bank and Branch is boldly there.




From our sources, this usually happens to newbies on Payroll, with the least error your salary is sent to a different Bank.


The biometric officers have placed certain double checking schemes in place to prevent such errors, but it can still happen.


When such things happens, you need to visit the bank and retrieve your money with the same credentials you have on your payslip.


The money can be reverse back to controller and when such happens, you need to write to your IPPD coordinator/ HR  for assistance.


From our sources this has happened to many, it took some over 3 months to have it resolved. Act fast when you see such an error.


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